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Cybercriminals are using very sophisticated tools to hack DSOs’ and are targeting your employees to gain access to patient and operational data. Too many DSOs’ are strictly relying on their firewall, anti-virus software and IT resources to protect them which are no longer sufficient.

As one of the nation’s top cybersecurity companies, Black Talon Security helps protect your organization from cyberattacks. We are a group of highly trained and experienced cybersecurity experts who work in partnership with your IT resource to identify risk within your organization that would enable hackers to breach your network and gain access to your valuable patient data.

If you have been the victim of a cyber or ransomware attack, we have a team of trained incident response experts who will work with you to help you recover from the attack. It is imperative that you work with a dedicated cybersecurity company that truly understands all aspects of breach response.

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Art Micheli
Cybersecurity Specialist

Tel. 914.907.6060

Paul Murphy
Cybersecurity Specialist

Tel. 404.579.2805