Four Seconds to Accurate Diagnosis: Denti.AI Brings Board Chairman Avi Naider & VP of Sales Jeff Durrbeck aboard to Disrupt Dental Industry with AI Innovative Technology

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Dental groups and DSOs continue to strive for improved speed and efficiency, new opportunities to increase revenue, and pathways to integrate technological advancements. Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a standout to help DSOs meet those goals, showing real promise to increase a DSO’s revenue. One AI company currently helping DSOs achieve their goals is Denti.AI.

In order to better serve their growing customer base of DSOs and dental groups, Denti.AI, which provides automated diagnostics for x-ray images in dentistry, has just added to their organization a vice president of sales. Meet Jeff Durrbeck, VP of Sales and Avi Naider , the Chairman of the Board.

Jeff Durrbeck brings over 20 years of success launching innovative industry disruptive dental products and technology along with a passion for developing outstanding culture and developing future organizational leaders. His prior experience includes National Sales Manager for start-ups and Director of Domestic Sales for dental companies, Jeff Durrbeck has a robust track record of launching and establishing game-changing companies on an accelerated timeline.

Avi Naider is an entrepreneur, corporate founder and operating executive. Facilitated sale of Apteryx to Planet DDS. Former private equity investor and strategic consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, he is the president of AI Life Sciences LLC where he manages investments in biotech and medtech as an affiliate of Access Industries. He is the former Chairman and CEO of ACES Risk Management’s platform used by the world’s largest banks. He helped facilitate sales of Apteryx, and LOXO Oncology.  Avi was also the founder and CEO of MeMedia and WhenU.

Jeff and Avi look forward to working with the rest of the Denti.AI team (see below) in order to assist DSOs improve profitability, speed, and quality.

Denti.AI’s diagnostic cloud service is based on artificial intelligence technologies using deep neural networks and machine learning, offering automated diagnostics for X-ray images and assisting dentists in interpreting these images while finding up to 30% more patient pathologies. Denti.AI already integrates with several leading practice management platforms and fits seamlessly into the clinical workflow.

Inconsistent diagnosis and treatment planning among practitioners is a real problem for the dental industry. Denti.AI provides guidance for calibration and uniformity among providers. The findings presented by Denti.AI will be the same, regardless of which practitioner the patient is scheduled with. The radiograph clearly shows all pathology which can build trust with the patient. The patient sees for themself and receive a ‘second opinion’ all within one appointment and can move forward with their care in a more confident way.

A common challenge faced by dental health practitioners is that currently about 30% of cavity pathologies go undetected, and therefore go untreated. With carries undetected, dentists miss out on the opportunity to treat the patient early. Patients, in turn, face much higher bills and can wind up needing expensive implants.

“We all know that ‘time is money.’ Most dentists spend only a few minutes analyzing and describing a single radiograph. This may not seem like much time, but it adds up to 25-30 business days a year.” -Dimitry Tuzoff, Founder & CEO, Denti.AI

With Denti.AI, interpretation of one dental image will only take four seconds. This includes visualization of information about earlier treatments and new pathologies and generation of comprehensive tentative reports.

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With one computer click, the dentist confirms the diagnosis and Denti.AI automatically charts all pathology and uploads it seamlessly into the PMS. This automation guarantees all pathology is charted with 100% accuracy. There is no opportunity for human error.

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Denti.AI does not compete with humans. Denti.AI is the dentist’s teammate and helps reduce mundane and repetitive tasks. It increases speed and efficiency by analyzing scans and auto charting pathology in seconds.

“On a busy day, a dentist can easily miss incipient caries and tiny periapical lucency. Having an immediate and consistent second opinion helps patient acceptance as it is easier to follow than just pointing to a radiograph. All our data is validated by the top oral maxillofacial radiologists.” – Eric Pulver, Chief Dental Officer, Denti.AI

In an industry where reputation is everything, Denti.AI differentiates itself through truly remarkable customer support which ensures an amazing experience well past the technology installation phase. Constantly on the cutting edge of innovation, their team moves beyond just reacting to customer requests and towards anticipating customer needs, thereby providing a level of customer support that goes above and beyond customer expectations.

Building strong relationships with their customers also means working directly with dentists,  not just insurance payers, to drive Denti.AI’s product capabilities. By incorporating dentists’ feedback, they can customize their technology and get the best integration.

“At our core, we understand the oral-systemic link. We know it starts with the dentist being able to more accurately diagnose and gain case acceptance on all pathology that needs to be treated.” – Eric Pulver, Chief Dental Officer, Denti.AI

Based in Toronto, the global hub for AI, Denti.AI has access to expert talent and industry-leading research and development. Technology advancement in dentistry and improving patient care are the main drivers for this dental technology start-up.

“We have found some of the smartest minds in radiology from some of the top academic centers in the world to help guide this along and develop the algorithms. So it’s trusted and true – not just crowd sourced – and we are continually improving.”  – Eric Pulver, Chief Dental Officer, Denti.AI

Denti.AI is currently delivering solutions to emerging dental groups as well as some the largest DSOs across North America. They are now gearing up for the next level. They are in active pilots with several DSOs with full integration into multiple PMS. Once completed and successful, Denti.AI’s team will be quickly onboarding additional dental groups.

Denti.AI’s dental dream team is composed of Founder and CEO Dimitry Tuzoff, CTO Max Kharchenko, Chief Dental Officer Dr. Eric Pulver, Vice President of Sales Jeff Durrbeck, and Board Chairman Avi Naider.  (Meet Dimitry, Dr. Pulver, and Max below.)

Together they bring a robust skill set of advanced degrees in deep learning, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and computer science.  With a background serving on dental school and hospital faculties, managing fast growth companies, closing multi-million dollar deals, leading large engineering teams in software development, and R&D,  this leadership team is well-positioned in entrepreneurship, innovative industry disruptive product and company launches, private equity investment, strategic consulting, data science, and machine learning.

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Dimitry Tuzoff is the founder and CEO of Denti.AI and has his MS in finance and is a Ph.D. researcher in deep learning*. He has also delivered keynote speeches at the International Dentomaxillofacial Radiology Conference. He co-founded three fast-growing companies, over $15M revenue, served as country director for Huawei Software, managed hundreds of engineers, and closed many multi-million-dollar deals. Prior to that, he was co-founder and CTO atRooX Solutions, an enterprise B2B software company in the field of omnichannel customer interaction, customer journey analytics, and information security for banking and telecom sectors. Dmitry was also the co-founder and board member of, a fast-growing curated eCommerce company providing a personalized selection of wine boxes based on the users’ tastes. Involved in all facets of industry, Dimitry has been a software developer, architect, team lead, business development, high-volume sales, and R&D.

*Deep learning is a form of machine learning that is commonly used to process images, video, audio or similar perception tasks. The most well-known application of deep learning is probably driverless cars.

Dr. Eric Pulver serves as chief dental officer of Denti.AI. He previously served as the team Maxillofacial Surgeon for the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League from 1999 – 2006. He is the founder and creator of All On Everyday, an online course directed at team development focused on team education and incorporation of the immediate fixed full arch solution into Everyday Dentistry.  He is a member of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentist of Canada and a fellow of the American College of Dentists. He has contributed to scientific articles, research and numerous virtual learning education outlets.  He has lectured and presented nationally and internationally on innovation and technology with specific interest in AI, virtual dentistry and immediate full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Pulver received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1989. He completed a hospital-based general practice residency at Mt Sinai hospital in Toronto in 1990 followed by a fellowship in the osseointegration unit, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, University of Toronto in 1991.  Dr Pulver graduated with a Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Northwestern University in Chicago in 1995. He served as an assistant professor at Northwestern University Dental School prior to becoming the Director of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Chicago Hospitals from 1999-2006. He is currently is an adjunct instructor at Indiana University Dental school and co-founder of Real World Dentistry, an interdisciplinary treatment planning course taught to the graduating class of IU Dental students for the past 10 years.

Max Kharchenko is the CTO. Prior to joining Denti.AI three years ago, Max spent eight years managing large-scale ML projects at Mail.Ru Group & nationwide video surveillance. He has his MS in CS from Moscow State University.