Two ‘Emerging Dental Groups to Watch’ Partner to Create Powerhouse DSO in Metro New York

In 2019, Affinity Dental Management made the Group Dentistry NowEmerging Dental Groups to Watch’ list. At the time that list was released, using an affiliation strategy and non-branded model, their long-term growth plan for the next five years was to be the preeminent multi-specialty platform DSO in the Northeast. Now, they have added the powerhouse dental group, Concerned Dental Care, to its growing platform to expand their New York footprint.

“Our new partnership with Dr. Jay Fensterstock and Concerned Dental is an exciting leap toward our next chapter of providing exceptional dental care. We feel welcomed among the excellent providers who represent the communities in the New York metropolitan area.” -Dr. Craig Saltzman, CEO of Affinity

Affinity Dental Management is a DSO that provides comprehensive management and administrative support services for dental practices across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. Concerned Dental Care has 10 offices located throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester and Queens. After the addition of Concerned Dental Care (CDC), Affinity now affiliates with 37 offices, 83 clinicians and employs 400 people.

Concerned Dental Care
Concerned Dental Care began with Dr. Jay Fensterstock, its founder, more than 43 years ago. In 1976, he began in a two operatory office in the Bronx, his first job out of dental school. Nine months later he purchased the office. He quickly grew because Dr. Jay understood the importance to provide his patients with all the care they would need under one roof. In 1977, Dr. Jay was one of New York’s pioneers in the union/capitation space; reaching out to companies and servicing their employees via service agreements. CDC now specializes in taking typical GP offices and turning them into multi-specialty practices.

What makes Concerned Dental Care remarkable is its stamina and staying power. Today, in New York, there are not many DSOs who have been an integral part of the fabric of the Tri-Burroughs and Long Island for so long and so successfully. Over the years, many dental giants have come and gone. But Dr. Jay and CDC have remained a staple in the community. Dentist retention is a key success at Concerned Dental Care as their dentists have been with the group for 10+ years on average, with many of the dentists celebrating 25+ years with the dental support organization.

All Concerned Dental Care offices are state-of-the-art facilities, offering the latest and most advanced techniques in dental care. With a dedicated team of general dentists, hygienists and board-certified specialists on staff at each office for patient needs and convenience, Concerned Dental Care provides a broad range of services, including general dentistry, preventive dentistry, dental hygiene, endodontics, prosthodontics, implants, periodontics, oral surgery, pedodontics (children), orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), oral cosmetic procedures, bonding and bleaching and Cerec same day crowns.

“After 43 years at the helm of Concerned Dental Care, I have found a great partner who is truly aligned to assist us in moving our mission into the future. Affinity Dental Management is that partner. I believe that with the support they will provide to us, we can continue to grow throughout the New York Metropolitan area.” -Dr. Jay Fensterstock, Founder, Concerned Dental Care

Affinity Dental Management
Affinity Dental Management began in 2017 and was founded by an endodontist, Craig Saltzman. The platform has grown from a few endodontic locations into a multispecialty DSO. They have found that specialty locations lend themselves well to centralization because of the limited number of services that they are providing in relation to a general dentist office.

Affinity was most recently named to the prestigious, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2019, boasting a three year growth rate of 226%. Their VP of operations, Meredith McGonagle was named as one of 2019’s DSO Influencers to Watch by Group Dentistry Now.

Experiencing very low turnover, with only one dentist out of 30 leaving since the DSO began three years ago, most of Affinity’s original staff is still with them today. Experienced dental professionals and dentists (still practicing) are in key leadership roles, which allows them to understand not only the synergies that can be realized in their affiliations, but also to be sensitive to implementation so as not to disturb the office environment. With the goal to be the employer of choice, while also maintaining cultural diversity among practices, they strive through compliance and benefits to exceed expectations. They find the HR component to be continually evolving and growing with them.

When looking at affiliate practice opportunities, they spend a significant amount of time in the diligence process. They want to understand the culture and the operations of the dental office, as well as the patient experience, before they partner. This investment of time and collaboration with the affiliating owner allows them to have an aggressive growth plan and continue to build a top-notch patient experience, while also being sensitive and responsive to the culture and successful business that they are looking to affiliate with.

Once Affinity partners, a comprehensive 90-day affiliation plan with a dedicated support team is provided. Dr. Craig Saltzman, CEO of Affinity Dental Management, and Amy Cadieux, Integrations Manager at Affinity Dental Management joined Group Dentistry Now’s podcast to explain their affiliation plan in detail and share some of their secrets of success. (see video below). If you are looking to understand integration for your dental group or DSO, this podcast is for you!

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