What is a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) and Why Does It Matter?

Building a practice on your own is no easy task. Sometimes it feels like you are alone on an island. I know because before I founded my company, MB2 Dental, I was in your shoes. After experiencing dental on both the private practice and dental support organization (DSO) sides, I figured there had to be a better way to practice dentistry.

I rejected the idea that my only options were to continue practicing alone in a system that works against independent practitioners, struggling to balance a business and a profession–or to sell to a faceless, corporate group run by suits.

Determined to create a new and better way for dentists like myself that made sense, I wanted to create a company that benefits the dentist who worked his or her entire life to build their practice and their team, not a corporate entity. My goal in creating MB2 Dental in 2007, was to create something different from a DSO. I wanted to create a true dental partnership organization offering a third way between private practice and traditional DSOs.

MB2 is so much more than a support group. A partnership was a much better description of our relationship with our doctor partners and their affiliated practices. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer dentists the opportunity to invest in the holding company and make exceptional wealth.

Employing the term DPO, others have tried to replicate our success.  What I have realized is that they can copy all they want, but they’ll always be one step behind. If your competition is copying you, you must be doing something right.

We have partnered with hundreds of dentists to help them stay in the driver’s seat as they maximize their talents, connect as part of a community, and build exceptional wealth. In fact, with a two-year revenue growth of 117%, we rank #114 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing private companies in Texas. Overcoming the odds, we wrapped up 2020 by adding 81 new practices and 70 new doctor owners.

We invest in dentists, not practices.

The dental profession is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate, which makes it hard for dentists to excel as clinicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs and leaves them feeling isolated on their private practice islands. Some need more capital to expand, more offerings for patients, or just more time away from the office to spend with loved ones. We know because we’re dentists, too. MB2 Dental offers a partnership model that invests in fellow dentists so they can take control.

We keep the boardroom out of private practice.

We are a dental co-op of sorts. Dentists get all the benefits of a larger platform but remain autonomous in their local decision-making.  We help you combine shared services and access to capital with the independence and autonomy you love about owning your own practice. You retain ownership in your practice and still call the shots. Both business and clinical decisions will remain in your control. We do not even employ a clinical department at MB2.

Our model takes all the things we love about our private practices and combines them with the things that tempt us about a larger group. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s helping hundreds of dentist owners across the nation get the “more” they crave while maintaining total control of their practices.

Are we a match?

Our partners come to us with different needs, different types of practices and different goals, but with an openness to collaborate for greater success together. What makes us successful is our ability to partner with like-minded dentists who want to grow, but also invest in each other.

Just like in our private practices, our business needs to be a certain size for a second doctor (or in our case partner) to make sense. Dentist owners who partner with our DPO usually have revenue of more than $1 million and are ready for the next stage of growth, which we help to facilitate. If this isn’t you today, it doesn’t mean it won’t be tomorrow. Our commitment is to the success of dentists and keeping them in control. This is how we preserve the integrity of our profession.

At MB2, we’ve banded together and redefined what group practice should look like. We invite you to join us on this adventure as we forge our own path and make a difference. Together, we will show that dentists are disciplined, determined, and united.

Do you want a call to action here??

Written by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, Founder and CEO. -BIO here







Dr. David Nguyen of Frisco, Texas, was able to purchase his dream dental practice, Heritage Family Dentistry, through his partnership with MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Nguyen had worked at the Frisco practice for five years as an associate. With the support of MB2’s partnership model, Dr. Nguyen and his team were able to smoothly transition with very little changes to their day-to-day routines. New technology and systems were put in place—but the family-feel still remains. Many of Dr. Nguyen’s employees have worked at the practice for several years and can now have peace of mind with their new benefits in place to support their own families.

dental practice owners Dr. Cheryl Johnson and Dr. John Caldwell explain how MB2 was the answer they were looking for when they began feeling overwhelmed with the business aspects of their private practices. With MB2’s support, they have less stress in the office and more time to spend with their families.

Whether you’re a D4 approaching graduation or a new dentist in the first few years of practice- we have been in your shoes and know just how challenging the transition out of dental school can be. A few of our affiliated owners share their advice to fellow dentists, and how MB2 has helped to ease the roadblocks in their journey.