Four Core Team Building Elements for Your Growing Dental Enterprise

There are two words you should embed in your mindset. In fact, these words can propel your progress as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®️. I’m talking “high performance.” And more specifically how it applies to your acquired or expanded dental enterprise.

I realize that attaching the “high performance” tag to something is a bit numbing. Even so, it’s been used for years to describe the precision of automobiles. Why? Because it introduces you to the essence of automotive excellence.


A automobile is ranked on the high performance scale for more than curb-appeal. Raise the hood or better yet, take it for a test drive and you’ll get a better idea about performance. It’s the inner workings that produce precision performance. Like automobiles, teams are no different. Team dynamics are the available raw material within your dental enterprise. Your acquired or blended team(s) must now form a precision organization that increases your dental service brand.

Easy? No! Doable? Yes, if you apply certain high performance elements to your team building as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®️.

The Four Undeniable Qualities of High-Performance Teams in an Expansion or Acquisition Culture

1-Crystal-clear roles

Who’s responsibility is it…? You must be able to answer that question. It’s about alignment, really. Getting the right “who” aligned with the right “what.” It’s common for a dental enterprise to churn away ineffectively or inefficiently for years. How? Basically because team roles were not properly aligned. Calling yourself a team doesn’t make you one. Your team’s performance will improve in the acquisition/expansion culture when individual team members…

  • Know their role
  • Perform their role
  • Support each other in their role

Here’s how:

  • Listen to your team members. Observe their passions and train to them.
  • Affirm their individual “wiring” or DNA. Assign right people to right roles throughout your expanded culture.

2-Let leadership rise

A significant question for your team culture at each level is – “who’s in charge?” Leadership rises. It lifts everyone in the culture when it’s deployed effectively. Don’t force it.  If you force leadership, everyone suffers. As a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®️ you’re the linchpin. Your leadership matters.

Know your unique leadership personality. Confront your “demons” to avoid damaging your newly expanded culture. Grow as a leader. As you do, so will your team(s). Develop and deploy leaders that are better than you. There are some things you aren’t meant to have command of. Get comfortable with this reality.

3-Honor diversity

Be aware of “who” is on your team. There’s no single mold that everyone must fit. Intelligent outcomes are the result of diverse opinions, skill-sets, and function. Allow team members the freedom to be themselves while aligning that with the culture of each team. Support diversity throughout your practice culture – in problem solving, brain-storming, etc.  Create idea-flow. Give them room to be shared rather than squelched. Develop a solution-mindset across your team(s). Solution focus helps eliminate negativity and vision-drift.

4-Open communication

You increase the energy of your team when you open up communication channels. Think straight-talk. It doesn’t imply that you communicate without filters or discretion. It’s more about clarifying misunderstandings and eliminating misguided talk before it does damage. Communication issues can significantly disrupt your culture. Set a standard for honest, up-front communication. Deal immediately with misunderstandings. Guard your culture from misinformation that can “poison” it. High-performing teams are possible. In fact, they are essential to thriving dental enterprise as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®️.

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