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Group Dentistry Now is the best way to get updates on the dental industry. Every day, doctors across the country make discoveries and advancements to push us further into the future of dentistry. We help provide information for different dental support organizations (DSO) services available to patients who need help. Group Dentistry Now is now ensuring that your DSO is properly setup and is maximizing all available resources to ensure success.

We offer a variety of services for Dental Support Organizations including:
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Setting up your DSO or Multi-Site group to Ensure Success

Setting up your DSO or Multi-Site group correctly is imperative to ensure you are in compliance with the state and federal regulatory boards.

Accounting and CFO Functions

Just doing the basics with your bookkeeping is no longer going to be acceptable in an industry that continues to expect more. Ensuring you have market ready financials for your partners, lenders, and future investors is critical to your success.

Assistance in Finding Qualified Dental Practices Throughout the US and Canada

Finding a dental practice that works for you and helps your business grow is important.  We help connect you and your practice to high-quality resources and qualify them based on your criteria.

Marketing and PR Opportunities

Through Group Dentistry Now and JoinDSO.com, we can help connect you to marketing and public relations resources. It can be hard for smaller practices to keep up with their marketing with limited resources and staff. Download our media guide here and revamp your marketing today.

Access to Capital

Capital is hard to come by. We can help your firm gain access to capital. With this DSO service, you can find the investors and capital needed to protect your practice and hard work.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Managing a successful acquisition can be hard without the business acumen. Group Dentistry Now will assist you whether you are buying more practices or deciding to take your group to the next stage of your growth cycle.

Human Resource Services

Your employees perform best when in a great environment. Our human resources services can help you build an environment where everyone can be happy. Happier employees can leave a better impression on your customers. Learn about the HR services we provide and get started today.

Unique, Proprietary DSO Dental Products, and Services

Dental equipment gets used on a regular basis and it can eventually break or run out. Group Dentistry Now can help you the products and equipment you need to do your job in the safest way possible. Do not take shortcuts when it comes to the tools you use every day.

Custom Enterprise Patient Engagement and Communication Software

Communicating with your patients does not end when they leave the office. Many people like having a dentist who cares and reaches out regularly to remind them of important appointments or just to let them know they can get a great deal. We can help your business improve customer relations with custom software that works best for you and your practice.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

If you are ready to upgrade your practice or even start your own, we have the resources for you. Sign up for our newsletter today to stay up-to-date with all things dental. Contact Group Dentistry Now to speak to one of our experts and get more information about DSO services we offer. Take the steps to update your dental practices today.

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