Accounting and CFO Services for DSO groups

In conjunction with CLA, Group Dentistry Now is now ensuring that your DSO is properly setup and is maximizing all available resources to ensure success.

Whether you are 1 location trying to get to 10 or 10 locations trying to get to 100, CLA has experience working with emerging dental group practices as well as established DSOs to help them reach their goals. We offer a variety of services for Dental Support Organizations including:

Setting up your DSO or Multi-Site group to ensure success

Setting up your DSO or Multi-Site group correctly is imperative to ensure you are in compliance with the state and federal regulatory boards. CLA will work alongside you and your attorney to ensure your financials are telling the right story.

Accounting and CFO Functions

Just doing the basics with your bookkeeping is no longer going to be acceptable in an industry that continues to expect more. Ensuring you have market ready financials for your partners, lenders, and future investors is critical to your success. Allow CLA to perform or manage your accounting functions along with providing strategic CFO expertise. Our team of advisors have been leaders in the DSO and Multi-Site dental industry for decades and will ensure your success.

Access to Capital

Capital is hard to come by. We can help your firm gain access to capital. With this DSO service, you can find the investors and capital needed to protect your practice and hard work. Whether a budget needs to be built, quality of earnings or audits performed, or support in meeting with the bankers CLA will be there to provide the industry knowledge to tell your story.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Managing a successful acquisition can be hard without the business acumen. CLA’s private equity team has supported DSOs and Multi-Site dental groups through quality of earnings, transition support, and valuation services. CLA will assist you whether you are buying more practices or deciding to take your group to the next stage of your growth cycle.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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