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August Vol. 1, 2018

Job Board & More

July 2018

Dear DSO, A Candid Letter

June 2018

Emerging Dental Group Events

May 2018

Death By Dental Neglect

April 2018

Endodontic DSO

March 2018

Unique DSO Model / Future of Dentistry

February 2018

2018 List of Emerging DSOs

January 2018

Best of 2017, New Year Practice Revamp


December 2017

Benchmarking Surveys, Events Galore for 2018

November 2017

What PE Looks For

October 2017

Who to Turn to When Selling to a DSO

September 2017

Private Equity How to Guide

August 2017

DSO e-book



July 2017

Hiring Your Leadership Team

June 2017

Scaling Up

May 2017

Join DSO Launch

April 2017

Six Emerging Groups to Watch

March 2017

DSO Case Study

February 2017

Interview – Onboarding & CEO

January 2017

DSO Case Study – Reimbursement



December 2016

End of  Year

November 2016


DSO Events 2016-17

October 2016



September 2016

screenshot-16DSO Events


August 2016


HIPPA Compliance

July 2016

Screenshot (52)

Scaling Up & Summit Associate Events

June 2016

Screenshot (53)

DSO Business Development

May 2016

Screenshot (54)

Sage Dental Expands

April 2016

Screenshot (31)

Team Building


March 2016

March enewsletter 2016 resized

Fundamentals in Business Success

February 2016

Feb enewsletter 16 resized

AADGP Group Expo Review

January 2016

Jan 16 newsletter

Top 5 DSOs to Watch



December 2015Dec15newsletter

Hygienists Stuck in the Prophy Trap?

November 2015Screenshot (214)

DSOs from an Academic Perspective

October 2015Oct15GDN

The Attack on DSOs

September 2015      July15GDN

    What dentists really think of DSOs

July 2015July15GDN

Achieving Practice Efficiency

June 2015JuneGDN15


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