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“You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved” is a motto we live by here at Group Dentistry Now. We are committed to increasing oral health accessibility, to educating the next generation of dentists on their options, and to the success of group dentistry and DSOs. We believe that together with DSOs and industry partners, we are moving this mountain.

Founded in 2014, Group Dentistry Now, a division of Neu Innovations, LLC, is a multimedia company dedicated to providing relevant news, education, products, consulting, career placement and services to DSOs and dental group practices. Committed to the DSO market, our audience includes large DSOs, mid-market, emerging, and small dental group practices, dentists, students, dental school faculty, assistants, administrators, executives, hygienists, office managers, distributors, manufacturers, labs, private equity firms, sales professionals, and dental business leaders.



Kim LarsonKim Larson possesses a wealth of experience spanning healthcare publishing, marketing, advertising, public relations, and event planning, with a career that commenced in 1991. Initially engaged in a publishing house, she honed her skills in writing, editing, and designing print publications tailored for the healthcare sector. Transitioning to a prominent international manufacturing company, Kim assumed leadership of a marketing team. In this role, she not only directed external advertising campaigns but also played a pivotal role in implementing branding strategies and spearheading initiatives to cultivate internal corporate culture. Her entrepreneurial spirit led to assisting in the creation of Dental Sales Pro, the first networking platform within the dental industry.

In 2014, recognizing a discernible void in the digital publication landscape dedicated to the Dental Support Organization (DSO) and group practice domain, Kim Larson founded Group Dentistry Now (GDN) and JoinDSO. Serving as the Chief Marketing Officer until 2021, she transitioned to the role of Chief Operating Officer at GDN. Over the past decade, her unwavering focus on the DSO space has garnered significant attention and a substantial following within the DSO and dental industry circles.

Kim’s commitment to the success of the DSO space is further underscored by her role as a consultant for the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO), various manufacturers, and multiple DSOs and emerging dental groups. Her expertise and industry influence have positioned her as a trusted figure in the dental community, drawing admiration from both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Bill NeumannBill Neumann is a seasoned veteran in the dental industry, boasting two decades of comprehensive experience across its various facets. Currently serving as a Dental Support Organization (DSO) consultant and Chief Executive Officer at Group Dentistry Now & JoinDSO, Bill has significantly contributed to the industry’s evolution.

As a pioneering figure, Bill co-founded Efficiency in Group Practice, the first print publication dedicated to DSOs. He further demonstrated his innovation by launching Dental Sales Pro Connect, the inaugural app designed for dental product literature, videos, and information. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Dental Sales Pro, the first networking platform within the dental industry.

Bill’s inventive prowess is evidenced by the iBarrier, a disposable infection control sleeve. His expertise extends to managing and training a sales force for dental manufacturer Coltene/Whaledent. Throughout his career, Bill has served as an advisor for the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) and several other dental companies.

Currently, Bill Neumann holds advisory roles for OrthoFX, TwoFront, Uptime Health, Peerlogic, Cloud Dentistry, CureMint and Dental Innovation Alliance. Beyond his advisory commitments, he is recognized as an international public speaker, delivering insights on DSO topics at numerous dental events. Bill’s multifaceted contributions underscore his standing as a thought leader and innovator within the dental industry.


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