Next-Generation DEXIS Ti2 Sensor Takes DSO Productivity to the Next Level


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From routine hygiene visits to diagnosing and treatment planning for specific issues, 2D X-rays remain an integral offering across practices that comprise Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). As dental technology advances, digital sensors have largely replaced time-consuming traditional X-ray methods that can result in less-than high-quality images, patient discomfort, and delays in patient care. As more DSOs embrace digital workflows for increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, digital sensors have become the standard of care.

Not all digital sensors, however, are created equal. When selecting a sensor for your practices’ digital workflow, there are multiple factors to consider — among them are durability, reliability, patient comfort, image quality, and software compatibility. Choosing a 2D X-ray solution with the latest advancements can help ensure that the sensors your practices use help keep staff operating at peak capacity.

DEXIS is most recognized among dental practices and DSOs for its DEXIS Titanium sensor. DEXIS has introduced its next generation of digital sensors, the DEXIS Ti2 sensor, featuring a host of innovations built on the proven technology of the Titanium sensor. For DSOs seeking a way to enhance the efficiency of 2D X-ray processes, the Ti2 sensor delivers a full complement of features to support busy practices.

“The integration of the DEXIS Ti2 sensor into our practice has been a great opportunity for us to experience the quality, durability, and ease of use that this system provides. The sensor has enhanced our ability to confidently diagnose problems for our patients as well as increase our efficiency at treating these issues.” Says Dr. Moe Katz of Katz & Pfeffer Dental Studio


Reliability with the Right Fit

Given the number of daily patients seen by your practices and the number of X-rays taken, it’s a given that sensors experience heavy use. Over the course of a day, sensors get dropped by staff and bitten on by patients, and their chords get twisted and yanked. Despite this regular wear and tear, practices need sensors that continue capturing quality images without interruption — allowing staff to keep patients moving through their appointments while minimizing the costs of repairs and replacements.

Featuring twice the durability of its predecessor, the Ti2 sensor employs resilient housing that is resistant to cracks and breakage, with a unique surface design that withstands significant stress, pressure, impact, and bites. This robustness extends to the sensor cable design that stands up to repeated flexing, twisting, and tugging — helping maintain continual connectivity and signal strength.

“In general, sensor wires tend to be difficult for us to manage and keep from tangling,” says Dr. Katz. “So far, the Ti2 sensor has been a great addition to our practice. Most of the challenges of capturing images have been addressed with this sensor.”

The Ti2 sensor also helps improve patient comfort, which in turn supports patient satisfaction and retention. The sensor’s award-winning TrueComfortTM design includes smooth corners and beveled edges that patients will certainly appreciate. The PerfectSizeTM design accommodates patients with different-sized mouths, so only one sensor is needed to capture all intraoral images. This reduces costs associated with purchasing multiple different-sized sensors as well as the time it takes to switch out sensors.

“Our patients have responded positively to the comfortable design of the Ti2 sensor,” agrees Dr. Katz. “The slim profile and edge design minimize discomfort, especially for sensitive patients who tend to gag during radiographs. Patients that in the past have been reluctant to have radiographs taken due to comfort are now able to have full mouth series taken to better treatment plan for them.”

On par with DEXIS solutions, the sensor captures consistent quality images with outstanding tissue contrast. Featuring noise-reduction technology, the Ti2 sensor provides the sharp, clean images needed for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

While you can expect continuous performance from the Ti2 sensor, there’s a bonus that boosts confidence even more: DEXIS’s industry-leading 60-day satisfaction guarantee. With this guarantee, practices have up to 60 days to make sure that their teams are completely satisfied with the Ti2 sensor, making it a risk-free investment.

Leveraging DEXIS Software’s AI-Enabled 2D Findings

Along with robust design features, the Ti2 sensor enables clinical staff to take advantage of leading-edge AI-enabled 2D findings within DEXIS software to help support enhanced diagnostic capabilities and expand treatment offerings. Images captured by the Ti2 sensor can been viewed on both DEXIS Imaging Suite and DTX StudioTM Clinic software. With a single click, staff have the AI-powered ability to instantly identify up to six dental findings on 2D X-rays, including caries, calculus, periapical radiolucency, bone loss, root canal filling deficiencies, and discrepancy at margin of an existing restoration.

“The contrast achieved with the Ti2 sensor is impressive and has been offering distinct differentiation between varying density of tissues,” explains Dr. Katz. “For patients with periodontal disease, we have been able to clearly identify sub-gingival calculus and monitor their bone levels. Caries detection and diagnosis are clear and precise with the contrast available with these images.”

The software allows AI-enabled 2D findings to be presented in easy-to-understand, user-friendly visualizations. Patients are better able to recognize issues such as caries in an X-ray image with the aid of AI, for powerful case presentation as well as support diagnosis for your practices. Greater case acceptance can lead to better patient outcomes and enhanced patient loyalty.

Because the Ti2 sensor seamlessly integrates with your practices’ existing imaging software, regardless of whether they use DTX Studio Clinic or DEXIS Imaging Suite Software, teams can start using the AI-powered 2D dental findings right away without having to invest in, install, or learn a new system. That means productivity gains can begin almost immediately.

Proactively Promote Practice Uptime

The last thing clinicians need when they’re in the middle of a patient X-ray is for the sensor to stop working or an error message to appear. The Ti2 sensor supports increased practice uptime and efficiency by minimizing sensor downtime and disruption. Practices also have the option to choose a service warranty package that includes DEXIS Connect Pro, which is a predictive service designed to ensure continuous peak performance with the use of IoT technology. If a performance issue is detected, the DEXIS support team can automatically schedule support or replace equipment before the sensor goes down and productivity is impacted.

“DEXIS Connect Pro provides the kind of customer experience I’ve come to expect from DEXIS,” says Amber Metro-Sanchez, RDH BA. “The knowledge that my sensor communicates with DEXIS support and that they’re ready to help me if I ever need it gives me peace-of-mind. They’ve always been so responsive and helpful. DEXIS Connect Pro really demonstrates the kind of attention to customer care and continuous innovation I’ve grown accustomed to with DEXIS.”

Take Your DSO to the Next-Level

An essential component of an efficient digital workflow, the Ti2 sensor offers the enhanced durability, reliability, patient comfort, and image quality to drive increased productivity and efficiency across your DSO. Reach out to DEXIS today for a demo of the Ti2 sensor and to discuss how this next-generation digital sensor technology supports the success of your practices.

For more information, visit or call 1.888.88.DEXIS.



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