Strength In Numbers: Tufts Dental School Investigates the Growth of Group Practices

Everyone, even dental schools, are taking a close look at the growth of DSOs and group practices.  Tufts University School of Dental Medicine produced a great article on the growth of group practices explaining why this growth is occurring.

The article starts off setting the scene of a wood paneled dental office with Highlights magazines in the waiting area and relates that to the rotary telephone.  There are still plenty of “rotary telephones” in dental, but they are now competing with the latest and greatest technology and marketing that groups and DSOs come armed with.

The article also points to the FTC’s lifting of its 1979 ban of dentist advertising and the growth of employer provided dental insurance as catalysts for the emergence of large groups practices.  Gentle Dental of New England is one of the groups that took advantage of the these changes and also realized that providing a one-stop shop with multi-specialty options and extended hours was the ticket to giving patients what they want, and the key to expansion.

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Source: Helene Ragovin, Editor, Tufts Dental Medicine Magazine