Why Multi-Location Practice Owners Need a Transition Team When Selling

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Transitioning a single dental practice is not a simple task and evaluating and buying or selling multiple practices can be an exponential challenge. That is why using a high-integrity firm with experience in every aspect of the DSO market will help ensure you have a successful outcome. It is important to have the representation and negotiating power to present your group to several buying organizations that share your values.

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is one of the nation’s largest practice transition companies. Holding their transactions to the highest ethical standards, their knowledge, network, and expertise is unmatched. Because some of the practice transition specialists at Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions have previously worked for DSOs, they understand both sides of the transaction, making the process smooth for all parties involved.

Experts at helping emerging groups with 2 – 40+ practices for over 25 years, Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions has managed hundreds of multi-million-dollar practice transitions. With a deep understanding of the market, they know which sellers and DSOs would make the best match.

Why work with a Group Practice Specialist or Transition Sales Consultant from Henry Schein? No matter how close you are to retirement or transitioning, they can help you maximize the sale price of your group.

  • Assist in preparing a “road map” to better prepare you for your future transition
  • Understand what your group practice is worth and prepare an estimated EBITDA calculation
  • Determine what options make the most sense for your future (e.g., should you sell as a package or as individual locations?)
  • Know the players and what the different offer packages may be (or whether the offer you’ve received is the best you may be able to receive)
  • Review your current operating “structure”

In addition to knowing how to negotiate the highest multiple of EBITDA and sale price, they know how to work with the DSO on other issues, (i.e., compensation, benefits, allocation of sale price for tax purposes, etc.) while taking care of all the details, including assisting with financing options and availability, if needed, prequalifying all prospective buyers and finding the right match for you. The sale price is only one component of a successful transition.

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is the only global transitions firm with operations in other countries, thereby not limiting the pool of buyers to those only in the United States. The transition team, which consists of 60 transition sales consultants throughout the United States, also works with international DSO customers looking for opportunities to enter the US market.

If you are thinking of buying, selling, or valuing a dental practice, Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is the first and only place you need to go. They offer a complimentary consultation that provides:

  • Review of “entity” structure and financials
  • Review of the software management system(s)
  • Review of overall operations
  • Revenue mix i.e., FFS, PPO, Medicaid, HMO, etc.
  • Participating insurers’ fee schedules
  • Technology
  • Associates’ agreement review
  • Billing processes

When you’re ready to list your single large practice or your emerging group for sale, Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions has an extensive pipeline of ready, willing and able buyers. They implement customized marketing plans to draw the right buyers for your practices, leveraging all their resources.

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is ready to take the stress and worry out of the selling process by managing all the logistics and ensuring you leave no dollars on the table.

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