3 Questions Every DSO Should Be Asking

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You’re motivated, driven and future-oriented, which is probably why that first dental office you started has grown to two, three or even more profitable practices.

But once you reach more than two locations, you know managing and running your dental practice isn’t as easy as it once was. It may be time to ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Am I really as profitable as I could be?
  2. Is my staff at each location as efficient as they should be?
  3. Do my offices coordinate with each other like they should?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it’s likely that you’ve hit a point where it’s time to try something new — and that something is centralization.

Why Centralization?

You’re probably thinking, “Is centralization really right for me?” That’s a simple yet great question, and the answer is just as simple — yes, it is.

Multiple location practice owners turn to centralized processes for many reasons:

• Office inefficiencies
• Patient frustration and unhappiness
• Duplication (of billing, patient records and insurance claims)
• Wasted time and money from inconsistencies
• No standards for running offices
• High staff turnover
• Stalled growth

If you currently experience any of the challenges above, then centralization should be your obvious solution.

How Centralization Saves Your Practice

Centralization helps you build a stronger business. You may not have taken steps to centralize in the past because of the cost. But looking at the overall value, it can be a profitable long-term investment. Inconsistencies cause you to lose time and money, and the savings from efficiency and consistency of centralization can make the upfront investment worthwhile.

Centralizing your operations and creating consistent policies and procedures among your different office locations allows you to be more organized, efficient, connected and profitable. It enables you to invest in your staff — to find and hire the right people for the job — and giving them the necessary training for personal growth helps you better retain your employees.

When your employees feel valued, they’re more passionate about their jobs and they provide more devoted patient care. Centralization also allows you to cultivate a positive company culture and duplicate it as you expand. It takes the good you’re already doing and improves it, making your overall business better.

Investing in a Strong Foundation

Another investment you should make if you want to create a strong foundation for a successful centralized dental practice is your enterprise dental software. The right practice management system is more than a software platform, it makes centralization possible. The right system can help you centralize your reports, scheduling, billing, collections and appointments across all your practice locations. In addition, the right system will seamlessly grow with you as you continue to expand.

The office-to-office consistency that centralization offers is a key growth element. When you centralize your data and procedures, you’re able to run every aspect of your business — from patient care to the administration of your practices — with streamlined workflows that can improve overall efficiency and support you as you expand your business to more practice locations.

To learn more about how one growing DSO successfully centralized their practice operations, check out episode 48 of the Group Dentistry Now podcast with Dave Drzewiecki of Absolute Dental Group. Dave shares how Dentrix Enterprise and the partnership of Henry Schein One aided Absolute Dental in streamlining their operations and adding additional practice locations.

or watch it below:

A growing dental group practice or DSO needs robust practice management software. Dentrix Enterprise, powered by Henry Schein One, is an industry-leading solution for multisite dental practices, tackling complex issues of centralizing and streamlining data with ease. Giving you the benefits of economies of scale, Dentrix Enterprise helps your dental organization succeed now and as you grow.


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