4 AI Tools Your Dental Practice Needs to Stay Ahead of the Curve 

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As your dental practice or DSO grows, it can be difficult to properly handle every patient’s phone call due to inefficient phone handlings processes. This can lead to poor patient experience and high staff turnover. The phone is often the first touch point in communication between a potential patient and practice. Therefore, it is important to find tools that will help your practice better leverage the phone. Many dental practices have been turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) due to its technological capabilities and increased efficiencies. AI is constantly evolving, so don’t let your practice fall behind! Here are four AI tools every practice should utilize that enhance phone handling processes, improve the patient experience, and increase new patient acquisition.

Voice Recognition

When managing a large dental organization or DSO, it’s nearly impossible to know who is handling each patient call and how staff is performing on the phone without listening to every single phone call you receive. Furthermore, people can sound very similar on the phone and your staff may not say their name on every call. Utilizing AI tools such as voice recognition can identify which staff member handled each phone call based on the unique tone and voice melody of the individual. This can open opportunities for phone skills training and development, as well as identify top performers.

With voice recognition, it is easier for managers to give more focused and personalized feedback to each staff member and know where they can help staff improve and grow. The true value of voice recognition is found in the ease of identifying team members’ calls and creating coachable moments from those interactions. This personalized approach can even help decrease staff turnover by enhancing individual performance and creating a more successful team.

Sentiment Detection

Understanding and empathizing with how your patients feel over the phone is important when trying to create a positive patient experience. Sentiment detection can identify a patient’s tone of voice during a phone call and send an alert to a manager or designated team member when an upset or dissatisfied caller is identified. This creates an opportunity to proactively reach out to the patient and diffuse any heated situations or resolve any lingering dissatisfaction. Angry and upset patients are more likely to leave your practice a negative review. Therefore, sentiment detection helps avoid unfavorable reviews when swift action is taken upon receiving an alert.

Not only does sentiment detection help improve the patient’s experience, but it also provides protection for your staff. It can be exhausting for your staff members to be on the phone all day with people who are frustrated and take it out on your team members during the call. Prevent burn-out from your employees or “he said, she said” situations by notifying managers of upset callers, ensuring managers listen to the call recordings, and having managers personally handle outreach to said patients to resolve outstanding concerns.

Sensitive Information Removal

Having an AI tool that automatically removes sensitive information shared over the phone eliminates concerns for both patients and dental practices. This includes erasing credit card details or social security numbers from call recordings. Often times your practice runs into situations where it’s simply more efficient for the patient to pay over the phone, but the patient has concerns about where their credit card information is stored or if the call is being recorded. While having this concern makes sense, an AI tool that automatically erases any detected sensitive information will help ease these fears. This will save your dental practice time and provide protection for your patients.

Missed Opportunity Alerts

Let’s face it, there are going to be times when the phone rings and your staff is too busy assisting other patients to answer the call, or the patient gets placed on an extended hold. Unfortunately, this often leads to patients giving up and calling your competitor for their dental needs. To help prevent the loss of potential patients, your practice needs to enable missed opportunity alerts. These AI-powered alerts can identify and alert your practice about patients who never received help when calling the practice, hung up while on hold, or weren’t offered an appointment during their call. This ultimately provides a safety net for your practice to ensure no prime opportunities are slipping through the cracks. Missed opportunity alerts should be sent to the practice manager and acted on within the hour to ensure a patient’s needs are met in a timely manner.

Setting Your Practice Up with AI  

AI is constantly evolving and offering creative solutions to improve staff performance, increase new patient acquisition, and create a positive patient experience. Understanding how to implement these tools and knowing who to turn to can be an overwhelming challenge. Call Box is trusted among top dental practices and DSOs to help them stay ahead of the curve by providing proper phone processes, AI capabilities, and more.

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