5-Step Organizational Make-Over

Optimize your clinical workflow!

Your team members are the heart and soul of your organization, and right now many of them are pulling double the workload because of the tight labor market. Some of them may even feel like they are just barely surviving and overwhelmed with the scope of day-to-day processes. Providing dentistry comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you care for the oral health of your patients, but you also juggle the intricacies of operating a successful practice.

Zirc understands that for your organization to grow and thrive you need a scalable solution to help optimize your team’s workflow and improve their efficiencies. What if I told you Zirc Dental Products has a solution for dental teams to work smarter and save up to 45 minutes a day- would you believe me? Color Method is your customized approach created solely to benefit you, your employees, and your patients.

Many group practices are wasting an enormous amount of time and money due to disorganization and clinical clutter. Often, we see teams struggling in their work environment because they are utilizing old processes that are not setting them up for success. If you’re open to innovation and the idea of change, Zirc’s Color Method system is a simple change you can make to see huge results in improving the work lives of all your team members. Consider implementing a proven organizational system that adds a visual element to both instrument and material management and simplifies your inventory management greatly! Let me share with you just how to bust through the cloud of disorganization.

Begin by assigning a color to each procedure you offer in the practice. Everything from instrumentation to procedure specific materials will be housed in Zirc’s color-code products. Color is easily identifiable by all team members and will provide an efficient grab-and-go routine to everyday processes.

What makes Color Method even more valuable is that Zirc makes color-code trays along with high-quality resin cassettes and matching bur holders in 16 different colors. The icing on the cake is the Safe-Lok covers that allow teams to pre-set and stack trays for their day all while meeting OSHA compliancy for transportation of contaminated instruments back into central sterilization for reprocessing.

It’s time for teams to begin thinking outside the box when it comes to storing procedure specific materials. For maximum efficiency, Zirc recommends taking all those expensive materials out of the drawers and cabinets and storing them in color-code procedure tubs. Think of this as your portable drawer that is fully customized to house all the materials needed for each procedure. You’re no longer storing materials in multiple locations throughout the practice, yielding improved control of your spending on dental supplies.

Some would say just like the kitchen in your home, central sterilization is the hub of the practice! Zirc helps teams identify a space to store both tray and tubs for easy grab and go organization. With instruments and materials now being centrally located, you’ll no longer be running from operatory-to-operatory interrupting patients’ appointments in search of that missing item. This method categorizes everything ahead of time, so you don’t have to think about what you need.

Create the space that even the most phobic patient will feel comfortable entering. When everything for their appointment has been prepared for in advance, patients can enter a well-organized and inviting space that is bright, colorful, and less threatening without a surgical appearance. Together, your team can confidently know they will have everything needed for an appointment at their fingertips and focus all their attention on their patients’ needs.

How often have you found yourself or even a team member scrambling to find missing items? Is it taking your new team members longer to find the right materials for appointment set-ups than you’d like? Do you even know the value of the expired materials that are being thrown away because you don’t have control of the inventory on hand? Now is the time to consider investing in a proven system that takes all the guess work out of the equation. Boost your team members confidence, efficiency, and decrease their stress by bringing the rainbow to the cloud of disorganization. Consult with Zirc’s clinical and efficiency team to help guide you to a new level of organization with a stress-free system.

Start Fresh, Reset, and Get Organized Fast

Receive a complimentary one-on-one discussion to discuss your goals and challenges. Your efficiency consultant will help answer your questions and provide you with actionable tips you can begin using now and into the future.

When you’ve recognized you want a little more help, but don’t have the time or resources to do so. Plan 2 allows the clinical experts to dive deeper into your clinical processes and send you a sample kit to explore and experience the Color Method products with your team. We will provide you with our assessment findings and create a customized proposal including all the Zirc products you need and photos of how to organize your materials.

When you’re ALL IN and want your team to be set-up for success. Reset is a one-day workshop where our clinical and efficiency team collaborates to work side-by-side with your team and helps in transforming your space. See for yourself why Color Method is the proud winner of the Cellerant Best of Class hygiene award!

Finding the right clinical processes that yield efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce team stress is easier than you think. Reach out to Zirc to partner with an organizational expert. We believe every team should strive to practice safer, be happier in their work environment, and ultimately be more efficient. Help your team go from surviving to thriving by bringing the rainbow to the cloud of disorganization.

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