A Significant Victory for ADSO

On Friday, November 21st the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) voted to withdraw proposed Rules 108.70 and 108.74 from consideration, marking a significant victory for the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO).

This board action was strongly urged by ADSO and its dental professionals, team members and patients. Also in support of our position were a myriad of business organizations, insurers, third party groups, think tanks and legislative leaders throughout the state. Ultimately, this decision by TSBDE was in the best interest of our patients as it enables dentists to continue to contract with DSO’s.

The board did vote to reissue a modified version of Rule 108.74 for public comment. We are currently reviewing the new language but it appears to be a restatement of current rules so it is much less onerous the rules previously under consideration.

While this news is significant for ADSO members operating in Texas, we are continuing to educate policy makes about the DSO model as we prepare for the 2015 legislative session. We will continue to work to ensure that dentists in Texas have the freedom to contract with DSOs, which have helped Texas dental practices provide quality care at lower prices.