Achieving Practice Efficiency with Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams (part 3 in a 4-part series)

The Role of Multi-disciplinary Care Teams In the dental practice, a multi-disciplinary care team is a group of dental doctors and sometimes medical specialists dedicated to closing the translational medicine gap between science and care, through service delivery innovation. However, as with any practice, the doctors are only a part of the equation. The medical/dental assistants, hygienists, management, and internal support team members in every location must all work cohesively and collaboratively in concert to achieve efficiency. This is accomplished when all members of the team understand and uphold the values of multi-disciplinary care by delivering the highest standard of care quickly and effectively, and accurately documenting all aspects of the patient’s health/treatments so all team members have the same information pertaining to each patient. This is the value proposition at its best to each patient. This structure presents a no ceiling, no limits level of comprehensive care in one setting, in the least amount of time, with the greatest value proposition to the patient. When your practice functions at optimal speed with minimal risk, you can affect measurable differences in a patient’s health and well being. The practice benefits from increased referral rates, a much higher level of case acceptance via the “value proposition,” and the completion of more cases due to a better relationship with patients.

mullinsRhonda Gonano Mullins is the CEO and Managing Partner of Dentrepreneur Solutions, an Atlanta based design consulting firm for Dental Entrepreneurs. Her contribution to Solo, Multi and Large Group practices nationally has been, and continues to be, a passion with great persistence in impact and innovative solutions for this industry and it’s providers.