Advanced Laser Dentistry Provides Your DSO With Versatility, ROI, and Patient Satisfaction

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Who doesn’t love gadgets, toys, and technology? Having the latest technology is both the gold standard and expectation in many areas of our lives, including our visits to the dentist office. Dental technology is evolving at a rapid pace and dental support organizations and dental group practices of all shapes and sizes are well-suited to capitalize on these advances to take the fear and anxiety out of a visit to the dental offices while at the same time improving their bottom line.

What new technology have you adopted in your organization to differentiate it from others? Items like, Digital Radiographs, CAD/CAM, CBCT, and intraoral scanners have become increasingly commonplace in private practices and DSOs alike, however an often overlooked area of technology advancement is the dental laser.

Dental lasers use light energy to provide minimally-invasive, yet efficient treatment options. Similar to a ‘Swiss army knife,’ dental lasers have tremendous versatility for the dental practice with a wide array of applications, while providing excellent ROI for the business.

Diode/Soft Tissue Lasers
Interact with soft tissue and have a wide variety of applications in both the dentist and dental hygiene operatories. Diode lasers:

  • Can be utilized in dental hygiene to manage periodontal disease
  • Can be utilized for tooth whitening and to alleviate TMD pain
  • Can be used for treatment of aphthous/herpetic ulcers to alleviate significant discomfort
  • Have hemostatic properties making common surgeries such as frenectomies and gingivectomies more efficient and patient-accepted with shortened recovery times
  • Can make procedures such as troughing, implant recovery, and exposure of unerupted teeth more efficient and patient pleasing

All-Tissue Lasers
Interact with both soft and hard tissue, offering unrivaled clinical versatility in the treatment room. In addition to the benefits of diode lasers, all tissue lasers also:

  • Make shot-free, drill-free, pain-free cavity preparations and cavity removal a reality for many patients
  • Simplify profitable, patient-accepted procedures such as aesthetic crown lengthening and gingival re-contouring
  • Can be used in simple, efficient, and effective root canal therapy
  • Provide periodontal surgeries with minimal flap procedures
  • Assist in retaining sick implants by reversing impantitis

How can adopting laser dentistry technology benefit your DSO?

  • With better hemostasis, less pain, and faster healing, laser dentistry provides a positive patient experience leading to more referrals for your group – 97% of patients who have been treated with Waterlase recommend it
  • As a minimally-invasive treatment option, laser dentistry can increase your case acceptance and help take the fear and anxiety out of dental surgical procedures
  • With laser dentistry you can keep production in-house for highly lucrative and productive procedures such as periodontal surgery instead of referring out
  • High tech service offerings will differentiate your practices from others, and laser dentistry can be marketed in many eye-catching and patient attracting ways

Now, you might be thinking that lasers are “too expensive” for your DSO or maybe that you want to use your funding for acquisition and growth rather than capital investment. There is now an excellent solution which will allow you to have the benefits of dental laser technology without the up-front cost. BIOLASE has developed an innovative “Pay-Per-Use” Model exclusively for the emerging group practice space. Through innovative reporting and data metrics, this can allow a DSO to be charged on a procedural basis, drastically minimizing the initial capital outlay and up-front costs associated with technology integration.

BIOLASE is the global leader in dental laser solutions. They offer a complete suite of products: from simple and affordable diode laser systems that cost under $3,000, to all-tissue laser systems that make local anesthetic-free, pain-free restorative work a reality for many patients (with several options in between!).

Offering competitive DSO pricing on lasers and consumables, BIOLASE provides world-class training and support and will work with your DSO to develop a customized solution for laser adoption that works well and is realistic for your organization.

To learn more about BIOLASE Lasers and schedule your group’s personalized consultation,
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