AI Matters Because Outcomes Matter

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It’s more than a collection of buzzwords. It’s not something to “reconsider” in the next few years.

AI is now, and it’s impacting nearly every part of your life, big and small.

In medicine, AI is being used to diagnose cancer patients for tumor growths. Your food delivery app uses it to pair you with the right driver to get your food to you warm (or at least lukewarm). We find love on the apps that know how to pair the right types of people together, and they call a rideshare service (using similar AI) once both parties realize the app has chosen horribly wrong.

As the utility of AI increases, the problem becomes separating the pretenders from the true practitioners of this powerful tool. It’s easy for a company to claim that they “have” AI, but…what does it actually mean?

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, per Merriam-Webster, is “the capability of machines to imitate intelligent human behavior.” Maybe you’ve heard of the Turing Test before, where a computer and a person are both asked a question and a human must see if they can spot the machine from the real person.

The Turing Test was created more than 70 years ago. Today, artificial intelligence has far surpassed the applications that British academics thought up of not too long after broadcast television was invented.

Artificial intelligence has the power to elevate human capabilities through the massive increase in computing power. Though the field dates back to the 1950s, most real-world applications of AI have been introduced within the past decade. To be specific, the branches of machine learning, neural networks, and robotics have seen seemingly exponential growth as processing power, cloud computing, and maturity of established AI has grown.

(We’ll get into this below, but DentalMonitoring implements neural networks in our AI solutions)

How can AI improve patient outcomes in orthodontics?

So: What does AI mean for your practice, organization, or patients?

With a remote monitoring solution powered by AI, the full force of this game-changing technology comes into play. By enabling remote monitoring, leveraging the fantastic capabilities of modern smartphones and DentalMonitoring’s DM App, patients that were once taking up valuable time — for the practice, and for the patient — can now handle the routine checkups at home, at work, while traveling, basically anywhere a smartphone can connect to the internet.

That’s a massive increase in quality of care for the patient. Eliminating unnecessary in-office visits means a myriad of benefits, all of them tailored to exactly what it is the provider wants to accomplish.

Remote monitoring alone accounts for a seismic shift in the way business-as-usual is done in the dental industry. But when paired with AI, a remote monitoring solution becomes a nice-to-have to a complete game-changing revolution because of one key attribute:


A remote monitoring tool is only as good as the benefits it brings. Without the ability to properly scale with a growing practice, old-school issues become wrapped in a futuristic package. Remote monitoring softwares that act as intermediaries between the doctor and patient simply create an increased workload for the provider — yes, there might be more chair time available, but the increase in patients becomes an increase in photographs to sort through and occupy more clinician time. That means hiring more staff. That means artificially limiting your practice’s growth. That, frankly, is not what a powerful AI solution can do to make your practice, organization, care and treatment experience better.

How does DentalMonitoring do AI better?

As of 2021, DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered solutions are capable of detecting more than 130 unique oral observations, ranging from a slight unseat of an aligner to an open self-ligating clip on a braces patient. By being able to analyze and point out clinically-relevant issues without having patients in office, the time savings from eliminating unnecessary in-person visits while also eliminating some of the nonclinical work makes DentalMonitoring’s solutions scalable.

Think of it this way: What good would a car be if you still had to pedal it?

That’s why DentalMonitoring’s solutions don’t just make it simpler to put additional work on dental professionals. The entire suite of products takes the doctor into account, and what matters to them most: time, with their patients, family or life outside the practice; the ability to grow their practice by attracting more qualified leads; finding ways to make the patient treatment experience more convenient; or just about anything that can be accomplished through smarter, more efficient work practices.

AI is, at its core, a numbers game. It takes time to develop and train a deep learning system reliable enough to be used for patients. It takes a massive amount of data points to ensure the AI can accurately detect relevant observations without being exposed to critical biases.

Why does one billion matter?

The short version: More data points gives AI more examples to learn from, and the more it learns, the better the AI becomes over time.

Some companies with little experience in deep learning, machine learning, and a host of other fields of computer science think that having any AI is having AI. That is false.

Going back to the car metaphor: All cars have an engine or motor, but not all cars can compete in the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, the Baja 1000 off-road race, or the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It takes years to develop the properly-equipped machines to tackle these events, and AI is no different — certainly not when a patient’s care, and doctor’s reputation, is at stake.

DentalMonitoring’s database of more than one billion dental images, the largest in the dental software industry, matters because it is what helps train our AI to make reliable detections. The danger of relying on an untrained AI in dental care is the loss of accuracy and reliability that patients have come to expect from seeing a trained dental professional.

At every step of the monitoring process, dental professionals are in control. DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered remote monitoring solution is specifically designed to bring dental professionals in closer contact with their patients at scale, eliminating the needless in-person visits and waste of time, PPE costs, lab costs, and hassle associated with traditional orthodontic care.

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