Aspen Dental Voices Disappointment in New York Attorney General

You may have seen the much commented on and circulated press release from the NY Attorney General in regards to the recent settlement with Aspen Dental – HERE

 A.G. Schneiderman Announces Settlement With Aspen Dental Management That Bars Company From Making Decisions About Patient Care In New York Clinics 

What you may NOT have seen is Aspen Dental’s response to the New York Attorney General’s press release.

Here is an excerpt from Aspen’s response

Contrary to the headline of the press release, ADMI does not, nor has it ever, made decisions about clinical care for the 1.2 million patients who visited independently owned and operated Aspen Dental-branded practices in New York State over the past 10 years. To suggest that the dentists only “technically” own their practices is a gross misstatement of fact. Today, and every day, the owners of these practices are in their offices, treating patients and exercising complete control over all clinical decisions.  Contrary to the sensationalized allegations in the press release, ADMI has never employed clinical staff nor has it exercised any control over clinical care. 

Aspen’s response goes on to state that the attorney general’s press release is a prime example of the ‘unfriendly’ nature of the business climate in New York State.Question mark

– Read Aspen’s entire response HERE



To view the Assurance of Discontinuance click HERE

Sources : Attorney General New York , Aspen Dental