Small-town Effingham, IL is Big-time Dental

Today we thought we’d provide you with some interesting dental trivia that you can use to impress your friends!

Effingham, IL is a small town a couple of hours between St Louis, MO and Indianapolis, IN.  Effingham County has a population of approximately 34,000 people.  It is what I would consider a pretty typical Mid-Western town.  The city is know as the “Crossroads of Opportunity” and for this particular story, I would call Effingham, IL the “Crossroads of Dental Opportunity.”

The reason this sleepy little town is known, at least to some in this audience, is because its largest employer is also the largest DSO in the Unites States, Heartland Dental.  The Heartland Dental home office on Network Centre Drive houses the support staff for Heartland’s 700+ offices.  This support includes human resources, information technology, marketing, payroll, supplies, procurement and accounting services.  The Heartland home office also houses the Institute at Heartland Dental where supported doctors and staff are provided clinical training, as well as communication and leadership development.

Heartland is not the only dental company in Effingham, IL.  Just across the parking lot from Heartland, about a seven-minute walk or a two-minute drive, is Patterson Dental’s Technology Center HQ.  The Patterson Technology Center, which opened in 2011, is LEED (green) certified.  It is Patterson’s home for Eaglesoft development and customer service, as well as support for other technologies such as CEREC and Shick.   The 100,000+ square foot building houses approximately 400 employees.

If you get the opportunity to travel to Effingham, IL and are at either Patterson Technology or Heartland Dental, make sure you take a look across the parking lot to see the other major dental company in town.  Also, stop by the Firefly Grill for the best meal in the county.  Don’t just take my word for it – Firefly Grill .

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Written by Camille Fay