Choosing the Right Composite for Any Situation Just Got Easier

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The Ecosite family of composites from DMG comprises four innovative products that truly meet every need for every indication and every technique.

  • NEW! Ecosite Elements: A modern, compact, universal composite system with excellent posterior and anterior esthetics
  • NEW! Ecosite One: A one-shade composite with long-term color stability for posterior fillings up to 3mm at once
  • Ecosite Bulk Fill: A 5mm bulk fill material for one-step posterior fillings
  • Ecosite Bond: A universal, light-cure, one-bottle adhesive with total freedom

Universal Layering Composites

Characteristics of an Ideal Universal Layering Composite 

  1. Shade matching: The composite line should have a wide range of shades available to match the natural color of the patient’s teeth accurately.
  2. Opacity and translucency: The composite should exhibit a balance of opacity and translucency to mimic the natural appearance of teeth.
  3. Strength and durability: The composite should have sufficient strength and durability to withstand the forces of chewing and biting, ensuring long-term functionality and longevity of the restoration.
  4. Handling properties: The composite should have good sculptability and adaptability to allow for precise shaping and contouring during the layering process.
  5. Polishability: After placement, the composite should be easily polished to achieve a smooth and glossy surface, enhancing aesthetics and reducing plaque accumulation.
  6. Chameleon effect: An ideal layering composite should possess a chameleon effect, which refers to its ability to adapt and blend with adjacent teeth, especially in terms of color and light reflection.

Advantages of Universally Indicated Composites for GPOs

Universal composites offer numerous benefits that are particularly appreciated by group practices. First, they eliminate the need to have different types of composites for anterior versus posterior treatment needs. This reduces the amount of inventory the practice must carry, along with the time it takes to both select the composite(s) needed ahead of an appointment and organize/inventory the reduced selection of composites used. With less material on hand, there will be less likelihood of having to dispose of unused material that went past the expiration date. In other words, gone will be the days of purchasing a one-off shade that is needed for only a few patients.

In addition, because universal composites utilize increased translucency to better match surrounding tooth structure, there should be less need to re-do improperly matched restorations.

An esthetic composite solution with simplified shade selection

Ecosite Elements is a nano-hybrid universally indicated composite system with a compact range of shades and opacities for anterior and posterior treatments. Whether used on anterior or posterior teeth, as a monochromatic solution or in the layering technique, Ecosite Elements enables fast restorations with natural results due to its convincing chameleon effect. Its Pure, Layer and Highlight modules enable universal use and a high level of customization.

Reliable adaptation, thanks to science

The Push-and-Flow effect is the secret to the excellent sculptability and handling of Ecosite Elements. Firm at the outset, Ecosite Elements quickly becomes noticeably softer during sculpting, which enables optimal adaptation to the cavity walls and the precise reproduction of anatomical features. This ensures that the material adapts to the respective requirements depending on the situation, and also helps avoid bubbles and cracks in the critical contact surfaces between the individual composite layers.

Unique material technology for exceptional handling and polishability

Ecosite Elements features DMG’s patented NC-1 non-clustering technology with state-of-the-art mechanical values that are perfectly suited for both the anterior and posterior regions. Precise silanization of the individual filler particles enables NC-1 technology to deliver homogeneous distribution, optimal working quality, maximum polishability and highly esthetic results.

Every shade, every technique

The simplified shade combinations offered by Ecosite Elements and its ultra-high-quality composition allow for reliable treatment across all indications. This simplified shade system comprises:

  • Pure shades – 5 VITA shades + 1 Bleach shade in one opacity; highly viscous and radiopaque; chameleon effect.
  • Layer shades – 4 enamel shades in 2 opacities; highly viscous and radiopaque; enamel replacement (monochromatic or layering technique).
  • Highlights shades – 4 colors in 4 opacities; flowable consistency; masking of discolored areas, esthetic incisal edge design, fissure sealing, and more.

Case: Using DMG Ecosite Elements for Anterior Bonding Infiltration by Dr. Sarah Winter, Espire Dental

Case overview

The patient indicated that she wanted to fix the stained composite on the facial surface of her central incisors. After our initial consultation, we decided move forward with composite bonding. To achieve a perfect color match and brighten up her smile, we chose the new universal nanohybrid composite from DMG, Ecosite Elements Layer, in the Enamel Bleach (EB) shade.

Treatment steps

First, we removed the existing composite using a fine diamond and coarse discs. Next, we etched the tooth with phosphoric acid etch and applied the bonding agent. Following the application of the bonding agent, we placed Ecosite Elements on the facial surface of the tooth and used polishing discs to finish the restoration, providing a beautiful result.


One-Shade Composites 

Characteristics of an Ideal One-Shade Composite 

  1. Color matching: It should match the natural color of the patient’s teeth to provide a seamless and natural appearance.
  2. Opacity and translucency: The composite should have a balance of opacity and translucency to mimic the appearance of natural teeth, especially in different lighting conditions.
  3. Chameleon effect: While unusual in a one-shade composite, this effect is highly desirable.
  4. Chromatic stability: The color of the composite should remain stable over time, resisting discoloration or changes due to exposure to food, drinks, and oral hygiene products.
  5. Durability: The composite should be durable enough to withstand the forces of chewing and biting without chipping or breaking easily.
  6. Adhesion: It should have good adhesion properties to bond effectively with the tooth structure and prevent gaps or leakage that could lead to decay or discoloration.
  7. Ease of handling: The composite should be easy for the dentist to manipulate and shape during the filling or restoration process.
  8. Esthetic integration: The composite should blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, both in terms of color and texture, for a natural-looking result.
  9. Resistance to wear and staining: It should resist wear, abrasion and staining, maintaining its appearance and functionality over time.

Advantages of One-Shade Composites for GPOs

One-shade composites can have a particularly significant impact on dental practices’ time, money and space management. For one thing, they don’t require offices to incur the cost of stocking multiple composite shades, or the need to find space for that extra inventory. They also eliminate the possibility of a color shift after the composite has cured, which will likely require retreatment costs that generate no additional income for the practice. The use of one-shade composites can also generate indirect cost savings, such as decreased staff time required to manage inventory and order materials.

A one-shade composite that saves time without compromising esthetics

Ecosite One is a uniquely innovative one-shade composite that is setting new standards in the field of posterior restorations using just a single shade. The material’s Push-and-Flow effect combines with accurate color matching to deliver outstanding esthetics that will impress clinicians who previously opted for composite layering technology and want to save valuable treatment time.

One shade for all shades

Thanks to the chameleon effect – which is unusual for a one-shade composite – Ecosite One simplifies shade selection with just one shade able to ensure a reliable, perfect match for all posterior application cases.

Excellent handling and excellent esthetics

The Push-and-Flow effect developed by DMG reliably provides excellent adaptation to the cavity walls and flexible sculptability in the occlusal area. The combination of this effect and accurate color matching contributes to outstanding esthetics.

Valuable time savings

Ecosite One saves significant time with posterior tooth restorations, thanks to a curing depth of 3 mm and a rapid polymerization of just10 seconds. Plus, it polishes effortlessly for a high-gloss finish, and has low shrinkage stress, for restorations that remain reliable and stable.

Multiple Uses

Ecosite One’s many uses cover Class I and II posterior fillings, including individual cusps; Class V fillings; core build-up; extended fissure sealing; and restorations in deciduous teeth.

Advantages of Bulk Fill Composites

The productivity benefits provided by bulk fill composites are well known. Assuming a $216 hourly production rate, it has been estimated that a the freed-up hours created by using bulk fill composites could generate up to $48,000 in additional production each year for each dentist.

Bulk Fill Composites

Bulk fill composites are by definition significant time-savers. They can also save money by avoiding the cost of having to re-treat patients experiencing gaps and microleakage due to shrinkage stress that can be involved when placing composite resins in multiple layers.

Posterior fillings in one step

Ecosite Bulk Fill takes a distinctive approach to enhanced productivity and reduced costs by delivering superior esthetics and quick adaptation for posterior restorations with one quick 20-second light cure in increments of up to 5mm at once. No layering and no capping layer are required.

The material exhibits extremely minimal shrinkage stress, a major benefit of the material that provides a reliable and stable restoration. (See chart on right.)

Case: Posterior Composite Restorations by Dr. David Rice, IgniteDDS

Case overview

The following clinical case demonstrates how choosing the right restorative materials makes it possible to fill both the clinical outcomes gap and the practice productivity gap with posterior composite restorations.

A 52-year-old male presented with back-to-back, 35-year-old-plus, failing amalgam restorations on teeth #14 and #15. Both molars tested WNL to thermal stimuli, EPT, percussion and palpation. They also presented normally upon radiographic exam. (Fig. 1)

Treatment steps

After verifying the pulpal status, 0.5 carpule of 4% Septocaine anesthetic with 1:100,000 was buccally infiltrated adjacent to both #14 and #15. Following the infiltration, rubber dam isolation was achieved, and amalgam restorations were removed under high-speed evacuation, decay was also removed, and preparations were refined. Sectional matrices were then placed to restore #15 first and #14 second. (Fig. 2)

Next, I conditioned the teeth with Ecosite Bond and then placed a single increment of Ecosite Bulk Fill. After quickly sculpting, I did a 20-second cure and rough-finished the restorations following the teeth’s natural contours. After verifying that the proximal contacts were ideal, I removed the rubber dam and had the patient rinse. I then checked the occlusion and did a final polish. The shade of the restoration was a very close match to the surrounding teeth. The total procedure took less than one hour. (Fig. 3)


Choosing the optimal restorative materials is critical to mastering posterior composite restorations, and hence to filling gaps in both clinical outcomes and practice productivity. Based on the results observed in our practice, Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond are two such materials.



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