Cornerstone Dental Specialties Unveils Two New Dental Support Advancements: A New App and Endo Fellowship

Cornerstone Dental Specialties (CDS), the largest endodontic DSO in the US, just announced that they will be unveiling two new dental support advancements at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) which will be held in Denver this month. With over 40 clinicians, serving over 230 locations, in nine major metropolitan markets across four states, Cornerstone delivers endodontic services to thousands of patients every month.

Their first new dental support advancement is the Cornerstone Dental Specialties app, CDS Connect, which will change the way their clinicians communicate within their network, manage their schedules, drive education, and manage their supply chain. This first-of-its-kind application will be the main platform Cornerstone will use to drive efficiency and support scale.

Their second advancement is another first-of-its-kind, a paid private endodontic fellowship program: The CDS Endodontic Fellowship.  This fellowship program is designed to help the recently graduated endodontist make the final transition into clinical practice. It will allow clinicians the opportunity to hone their skills and make the transition from academia to private practice, while also earning a solid living during the 16-month processAnother exciting aspect of this program is that it will enable them to apply for Diplomat status as all of their work will be documented, and the curriculum is designed to meet that goal. Upon completion, the fellow will be fully equipped to enter into any fast-paced practice or be able to open their own practice with full confidence of success.

“We are very pleased to offer these first-of-their-kind platforms, because communication and visibility into ones’ schedule are major obstacles working in a distributed environment. Our new app will streamline this massively.” stated Thomas von Sydow, COO of Cornerstone Dental Specialties. He went on to say, “Cornerstone is committed to supporting active participation in the American Association of Endodontics, and we desire to help as many clinicians achieve Diplomat status as possible, this program aligns with that goal.”

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