COVID-19 Dental Support Organization (DSO) Response Guide – Updated 6.4.20

Publisher’s Corner

We are in the midst of an historic event. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will learn about the coronavirus pandemic in school. When they ask us about it, we can share with them the impact the virus had on our personal lives, our livelihood, mandatory lock downs, self-isolation, social distancing, and the toilet paper shortage. We can also share with them how the dental industry rose to this unprecedented challenge.

Right now, there is a plethora of information regarding the COVID-19 crisis as it relates to the dental industry and it can be almost as overwhelming as the crisis itself. In order to try and cut through the clutter, constant updates and promotional garbage that is out there, Group Dentistry Now has compiled a list of vetted resources that you and your DSO can use to try and navigate this unprecedented time.

We will be updating this COVID-19 Dental Support Organization (DSO) Response Guide as needed. Feel free to email us at if you have found resources that have proven useful during this time.

We wish everyone health and safety during these times, a quick recovery for people who contract the coronavirus and our businesses and employees that have been effected by this pandemic.

We are in this together.

Many of the resources below are being constantly updated, so make sure you check back often as this crisis seems to be evolving by the hour. Updated 6.4.20

Henry Schein Thrive Practice Recovery Program – Source: Henry Schein Dental

ADA task force assembles interim guidance toolkit for dentists returning to work. Resource covers pre-appointment screenings, reception area preparation – Source: ADA

State mandates and recommendations on COVID-19, including an interactive U.S. map with updates on state summaries, orders, procedure requirements and/or restrictions for dentists. – Source: ADA

CDPH provides additional detail for Gov. Newsom’s return-to-routine-practice statement – Source: CDA

ADA advocates that third-party payers modify fee schedules as dentists consider going back to work. Dentists face rising costs due to increased need for appropriate personal protective equipment – Source: ADA

Dentists want coronavirus testing kits before reopening – Source: The Hill

President Donald Trump has indicated many states can reopen by May 1, and on April 16 shared federal guidelines for loosening the restrictions. Some state and local governments are now considering reopening certain businesses considered “essential,” including dental practices, as they phase their communities back into normal operations. – Source: ADA

ADA offers interim guidance as some states consider reopening – Source: ADA

Interim Mask and Face Shield Guidelines – Source: ADA

Understanding Mask Types – Source: ADA

ADA president appoints task force for dental practice recovery after COVID-19 pandemic – Source: ADA

COVID-19 State Dental Notices  Source: The Association of Dental Support Organizations

Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) Toolkit – Source: OSAP . (Please note OSAP has opened up their members’ only section for everyone.)

CDC Dental Guidelines VideoDental Advisor

Surface Disinfectant Research Video – Source: Dental Advisor

DSO Resource Page – Source: Dykema

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act & It’s Impact on Your Practices – Source: HR For Health

How Teledentistry Can Help Your Practice Respond to COVID-19 On-Demand Webinar – Source: Mouthwatch

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Dental Industry Webinar – Source: Planet DDS

COVID-19 Resources for Dental Professionals – Source: North American Dental Group (Please note NADG has opened up their internal resources for all dental practices)

COVID-19 Resources (Canada) – Source: dentalcorp (Please note dentalcorp has opened up their internal resources for all dental practices)

Mortenson Dental COVID-19 Podcast – Source: Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Dental Coronavirus Resources – Source Mortenson Dental Partners (Please note Mortenson has opened up their internal resources for all dental practices)

American Dental Association’s Coronavirus Resource Center – Source: ADA

COVID-19 & Dentistry (US & Canada) Webinar – Source: Henry Schein Dental

Governor Cuomo, We Have a Dental Emergency – A plea to NY’s Governor Cuomo to include dentistry in the stimulus package. Written by Dr. Marc Faber, CEO of Edge Dental Management

Free COVID-19 Social Media Downloads – Source: My Social Practice

Coding and Billing Interim Guidance with Teledentistry Guidance – Source: ADA

COVID-19 Financial and Accounting Resources – Source: CLA

SBA Disaster Assistance Webinar , Avoiding Coronavirus Scams & More – Source: Live Oak Bank

Office Closing Checklist & Practice Management Patient Communication – Source: Patterson Dental

FAQs – Human Resources, Operations, Good News & Random Acts of Kindness, What’s Coming – Source: Maeva Advisory

HR/FAQs, Breakroom Poster with COVID-19 protection info, Patient Messaging, SBA Loan Information & More – Source: Aligned Dental Partners 

Practice Preservation Whitepaper, SBA Information, Notice of Furlough, Team Member Assistance Guide, Essential Team Work Plan, Notice of Emergency Services, Emergency Treatment Consent Form – Source: Aligned Dental Partners

Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information in a Mar. 22 Zoom call with family and friends on empowering and protecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please email useful websites,
links, downloads, webinars, updates that have been helpful
to you and your DSO and we will update this list. 

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Social distance. Stay healthy,





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