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Today’s dental service organizations (DSOs) must meet the stiff and seemingly conflicting requirements of cost effectiveness, productivity, and physical safety for both patients and a larger dental team than the stand-alone practice.  The aesthetic impact of the way a practice looks and feels, from décor to amenities, is also a factor in attracting and making patients comfortable.  Shrinking reimbursements and high competition push DSO teams to do more in less time while trying to maintain quality, value and patient trust.

Without supportive operatory equipment, dental health professionals can risk developing or worsening musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) during the course of each day.  While patient comfort is imperative, they are only in the chair for a short time.  You and your staff work in this environment all day, every day.  Without the right ergonomically designed equipment, you are likely sacrificing your well-being to meet the demands of your job.

It may be time to select a more ergonomically designed patient chair.  You need familiar, durable seating and lighting that is designed to allow freedom of movement without straining muscles and joints with repetitive motion, awkward positions, and an over extended reach.

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