Dental Support Organization Bill Unanimously Passes in Washington State

Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a bill that will help ensure continued access to affordable, quality dental care for every Washingtonian. SB 5322 passed unanimously in both the House and Senate before being sent to Governor Inslee in late April.

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It is important to note that DSOs have already been operating in Washington state for 30 years, and contracting with 150 dentists while serving 300,000 patients.

Key takeaways from SB 5322

Persons not licensed to practice dentistry may:

  • own or lease assets used by a dental practice;
  • employ or contract for the services of personnel other than dental professionals;
  • provide business support and management services to a dental practice; and
  • receive fees for any of these services as agreed to by the dental practice owner or owners.

SB 5322 [Concerning agreements between dentists and third parties that provide supportive services to dentists] goes into effect July 23, 2017.

Teams from Pacific Dental Services and the Association of Dental Support Organizations assisted in the process of making this bill a reality.

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) President Michael Bileca issued the following statement on the signing of Washington SB 5322 and the state’s decision to take action in support of dental support organizations (DSOs):

“The ADSO applauds the Washington legislature, Governor Inslee, and the Washington State Dental Association for the bipartisan and collaborative work in passing SB 5322, an important step in allowing dentists, hygienists, and staff to spend more time serving the people of Washington State and protect their freedom to choose who to contract with to perform non-clinical functions.  The ADSO is particularly grateful to Senator Ann Rivers, Representative Paul Harris, Senator Curtis King, Representative Michelle Caldier, Representative Matt Manweller and Representative Laurie Jinkins for their leadership in helping to pass this legislation.

By adopting this bill, the state of Washington clearly recognizes the value DSOs provide to dentists, who in turn can focus on delivering quality oral healthcare to their patients. The ADSO is encouraged by the passage of Washington SB 5322, and looks forward to working with lawmakers to continue the momentum in fostering innovation, research, and collaboration in the oral health care industry.”

The ADSO currently has eight DSO members that operate in Washington State.

Sources: The ADSO , Washington State