Dental Support Organization Moves 90% of Learning to an Online Environment

Heartland Dental Education Team

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Heartland Dental, the largest dental support organization in the country, was recently named as one of Elearning! Magazine’s High Performers for 2018. This award recognizes the company’s achievements implementing a learning management system and converting more than 90% of in-person training into an online learning environment. In addition, Heartland Dental Instructional Design Manager, Ciara Daume, received the Learning! Champion Award for her outstanding contributions with the digital transformation.

“With our company’s continual growth, we must be able to deliver continuing education, a hallmark of Heartland Dental, to an increasing amount of supported dentists and team members promptly, efficiently and effectively,” said Patrick Bauer, President and Chief Executive Officer at Heartland Dental. “With our Homeroom platform, we’ve made great strides in accomplishing this and continue to do so each day. I’ve very proud of the hard work our Education team has put into this.”

Heartland Dental enlisted the help of eLogic Learning and its eSSential LMS in an effort to provide a quality training experience that also met the needs of supported dentists and team members. Through Homeroom, the company’s LMS, Heartland Dental is able to reach more people at one time than ever before. As a result, the company has begun to scale continuing education to increasing growth needs, offer a higher level of convenience and accessibility, and build world-class training program for new team members. Since making this shift to blended learning, Heartland Dental has saved $18.5 million via saved time and decrease in travel/in-person training costs.