Driving Top-Line Revenue Growth Across Your Group Practice

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It’s officially goal-setting season: Q4 is the ideal time to refine your strategy for the coming year with a focus on growth — specifically, top-line revenue growth.

But with the pandemic starting to appear in our rearview mirror and consumer behaviors changing drastically, it’s clear that employing the same pre-pandemic tactics won’t be enough to move the needle. Meaningful, long-term growth requires some out-of-the-box thinking and a dash of creativity.

Luckily, Kleer’s got you covered.

America Has An Insurance Gap

Research from the American Dental Association found that 1 in 3 US adults and 2 in 3 US seniors did not have dental benefits, making them 3X less likely to visit the dentist each year. While due to a variety of factors, the most common (59%) is based on financial barriers often associated with not having access to employer-sponsored dental benefits — shining a spotlight on both the shortcomings of Medicare and the need for alternative coverage options unreliant of employment.

Just because such a large swath of the population is uninsured and avoids visits, however, doesn’t mean they don’t want or deserve access to dental care. In fact, uninsured consumers place a high value on dental care, relating it overall, health, quality of life, and longevity.

By offering these uninsured patients subscription-based coverage through a Kleer-powered membership plan, dental practices can find a win-win solution: they can not only provide better, more affordable coverage for patients, but they can also improve the performance of their practice in the form of increased patient visits, production, and treatment acceptance — all while building steady recurring annual revenue.

Now Trending: A Push Towards Subscription-Based Coverage

Studies have shown that 83% of consumers without dental benefits are interested in purchasing a membership plan. Kleer Consumer Care is the foundation of a scalable membership plan that provides these uninsured patients with the coverage that they want — while also turning them into loyal patients that visit more often, accept more treatment, and create profitable revenue streams for your practice. For example, if 350 uninsured patients sign up for a Kleer membership plan for $30 per month, it will generate an additional $126,000 in recurring annual revenue that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Studies have shown that these patients will also purchase 2X more care, generating 2X more treatment revenue for your practice.

And unlike homegrown membership plans, Kleer’s platform is easy to use, supports the creation of fully customized care plans, automates renewal payments, and can be seamlessly implemented across multiple practice locations. Kleer is also compliant with federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, ERISA, COBRA, PCI, and privacy and data laws among others.

Expanding Your Customer Base By Offering Your Membership Plans As a Dental Benefit to Local, Small Businesses

If your plan for 2022 involves thinking big, then focusing on existing patients alone won’t help you achieve those top line revenue goals for your group practice — you’ll want to start thinking about how you can bring new (and engaged!) patients to your practice.

And that’s exactly what the recently launched Kleer Employee Care does. Empowering your offices to take their membership plans to the next level by offering them to local businesses as a dental benefit for employees, Kleer Employee Care helps you create a direct relationship with local businesses so that their employees become your long-term patients.

A variety of factors have created a barrier for small businesses to provide dental benefits to employees, including cost, quality of care, limitation of benefits, and complexity of implementation. Kleer Employee Care was born out of a desire to make dental benefits better, easier and more affordable, enabling dental practices to increase community access to high quality care by offering their subscription-based membership plans to local businesses.

The numbers support that Kleer Employee Care is a no-brainer: 50% of adults in the US don’t receive dental benefits through an employer, but would like to, and 63% of American small businesses don’t offer dental benefits to employees, but would like to. It’s a win-win-win; employees can finally have access to affordable, high quality dental care, small businesses can offer a competitive benefits package without exceeding their budget, and dental practices can generate recurring cash flow, while also expanding their patient-base.

An Investment with A Guaranteed Return

Practices that have implemented a Kleer membership plan for their patients see an increase of 2 to 3 times more hygiene reappointments and total visits than their uninsured patients. Because of these regular hygiene appointments, Kleer membership patients also yield greater treatment acceptance for practices since 70% of treatment originates in hygiene. In fact, our research has shown that Kleer members accept two times more treatment and generate more than double the production — and overall revenue — of uninsured patients.

Unlike a homegrown membership plan, Kleer is a tech-forward cloud-based platform that is intuitive for easy onboarding and management across multiple practices. Kleer’s Success Team works with dental groups to design a custom dental plan for each practice and set pricing that is in line with your practice’s goals and the economics of your local community. Kleer also has built-in marketing support, providing each practice with materials, tools, resources, and tips to empower local teams to confidently offer Kleer Consumer Care to their patients and Kleer Employee Care to the small businesses in their area. And since everything is managed through the Kleer platform, it’s easy for everyone to participate — your patients can easily purchase a membership plan, employers can quickly and easily enroll, and their employees can easily purchase a dental benefit.

If growth is what you are looking to achieve
in the next calendar year, Kleer can help.

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