DSO Foundation partners with Community Groups to Donate Dental Services

Pacific Dental Services Foundation’s mission to serve communities locally, nationally and internationally through improved oral healthcare is carried out in part through Mobile Dental Clinic’s efforts. Realizing that not everyone lives close to a dental office or a local community health center, the MDC serves the challenged urban and rural communities in need. Partnerships with local community organizations have allowed the PDS Foundation the opportunity to spread oral health awareness while providing care and access to those without. The clinic is staged in a 33-foot PDS Foundation mobile clinic that has traveled across nine states during the past year. More than 1,300 patients have received nearly $1 million in dental care thanks to the Foundation.

On Saturday, July 23, more than 15 Smile Generation-trusted dentists, clinicians and staff from Pacific Dental Services (PDS) supported offices converged on a community health center, The Key Free Clinic in Lake Bay, Washington, to deliver critical dental care to needy residents of the Key Peninsula region. The Key Free Clinic provides free, non-emergency medical care to people who cannot afford or reach health care.

 “We had an awesome turnout of people who needed care that we were happy to give,” said Dr. Brian Polillo, a dentist at Lynnwood Crossroads Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. It’s always great to see the positive impact we can have on our patients. Everyone who volunteered had a fulfilling experience. We can’t wait to do it again.” Polillo and other volunteers traveled from PDS-supported dental practices in Lynnwood, Renton, Silverdale, Ballard, Issaquah and Gig Harbor to treat 30 patients free of charge, providing $17,000 in care.

June Ward, wife of Richard Ward who was seen by dental staff, was grateful for the care her husband received. “This is so needed. Richard is on a fixed income and he always puts his health last. He really needed to see someone.”

On Saturday July 30 in Cedar Park, Texas, more than 32 Smile Generation-trusted clinicians and staff from Pacific Dental Services (PDS) supported offices partnered with the Christian Resource Center at Twin Lakes, a non-profit that supports families in need, to provide $25,0000 in donated dental services for local residents and their families.

Dr. Benjamin Poest, D.D.S. of Pflugerville Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics led the effort to serve the needs of the local community through this event. More than 30 patients from Cedar Park and the surrounding Williamson County area received various dental hygiene procedures including fillings, extractions and same-day crown restorations.

 Source: Pacific Dental Services Foundation, Daniels Brown