DSOs Focus on Florida’s Soaring Population

We’ve started to see a surge in DSO expansion in recent months, and Florida seems to be leading the pack with its share of dental group affiliation, as well as organic growth.  Population increase is a natural driver of economic activity, including an increase in healthcare demands.

According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, “at the highest estimate, Florida’s population is projected to increase by 6 million people for a total population of nearly 26 million by 2030.”   The Space Coast Daily Newspaper reported that, “the Sunshine State, adding more than 1,000 people a day, is nearly up a half-million people on New York, which it surpassed a year ago to become the third most-populous state, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Florida, with an estimated 20,271,272 residents as of July 1, 2015, is also growing faster than a year earlier, when 803 people a day were being added to the state’s head count.”


Forecasted 19% growth over the next 15 years according to InvestmentsinSarasota.com

The latest press release  from Great Expressions shows they are committed to growth through affiliation in the Sunshine State.  They have just added their 26th practice in the Jacksonville area.  The latest affiliation of Basco Family Dental Clinic is yet another strategic affiliation for GEDC.  Northern FL is not the only area of Florida GEDC is focused.  Earlier this month, Great Expressions added it’s 27th affiliate location in the Greater Miami / Ft Lauderdale area [ Read the story HERE ].

Great Expressions is not the only DSO committed to growth in Florida.  Aspen Dental has 22 locations in Florida with a concentration in the Winter Haven / Lakeland area.

Let’s not forget some native DSOs which call Florida the home for their headquarters.  Dental Care Alliance, headquartered in Sarasota, has several branded large affiliations in the state, including Advanced Dental Care, Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, Towncare Dental and many other smaller affiliations.

Sage Dental, formerly Gentle Dental, also calls Florida home.  With 42 locations and growing [ Read about the growth HERE ], Sage Dental continues to focus on its home state.

As the state of Florida continues to experience population growth, we can expect to see DSO and group practice growth in a state that has a business friendly climate.  Group Dentistry Now will keep you informed of affiliations and de novo practice growth in the state and around the country as we discover it!