GDN and ADSO are Dedicated to Supporting DSOs and Group Practices

Group Dentistry Now and The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) take a break during a very productive meeting. It was great to see some familiar ADSO faces, and meet some new ones who have been added to their Government Affairs team.

The Government Affairs team helps ADSO members build overall advocacy strategy, understand lobbying rules & regulations, set up and administer PACs, identify partner organizations for lobbying & direct outreach, and provide tools for member engagement.

By engaging an ADSO member company, dental professionals can be sure they are dealing with an organization committed to providing quality business service and supporting ethical conduct at the highest levels.

In the coming months, GDN will be featuring exclusive in-depth profiles on ADSO team members and how they are contributing to the ADSO, engaging elected officials & policy makers, and using their voices to advocate for ADSO members.

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Registration for the largest DSO event in North America, The ADSO Summit is now open. To register and view the agenda click HERE.