Call Tracking for Group Practices in the Digital Age

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How comprehensive call tracking allows your group practice to see continuous growth in an increasingly competitive market.

In the fast-paced Digital Era of Uber and Amazon, you can have a car at your curb in under a minute and household items delivered to your doorstep in a couple hours with minimal clicks on your phone. Consumers have come to expect immediate, top-notch customer experience in nearly every aspect of their lives. These high expectations don’t dissipate when it comes to patient experience and the interactions patients have with their dental teams over the phone.

It’s estimated that upwards of 90% of all patient interactions occur over the phone, yet most dental practices are operating with leaks in their phone processes. A ringing phone is often seen as an annoyance rather than potential revenue or an opportunity to foster a loyal patient relationship. As a result, callers are left on hold for extended periods, sent to voicemail, subject to short-tempered interactions, never invited in for an appointment, and rushed off the phone. This not only leads to poor first impressions and an overall negative sentiment of your practice, but also the loss of prospective appointments and revenue.

What is call tracking?

In its simplest form, call tracking allows your office to track calls to and from patients, whether for marketing purposes, patient experience reasons, or scheduling analytics. This is typically accomplished through the use of tracking lines – specific local or toll-free phone numbers that are placed on your digital and print sources that list your office number.

Most often, even the most basic call tracking providers will allow you to see how many patient calls were the result of particular marketing efforts, such as Facebook ads or mailers, and provide you with a recording to listen to the tracked calls. However, comprehensive call tracking solutions, such as Call Box, not only track and record every call to and from patients, but also provide reviews of the calls to ensure the data you receive is both actionable and efficient.

What makes comprehensive call tracking unique?

Call Box, unlike many other providers, offers a comprehensive solution to support dental practices’ phone handling processes. By utilizing a unique combination of human reviewers and artificial intelligence, every patient call is reviewed to ensure callers are connected to someone who can help, receive an optimal experience, and are invited into the practice and booked for an appointment. When calls slip through the cracks, the right individuals at the practice are alerted so they can call patients back and ensure callers are helped with their dental needs. Marketing effectiveness becomes transparent as managers are able to see both the number of calls and the number of appointments that are the result of particular advertising efforts. Furthermore, Call Box’s strategic consulting team comes alongside practices to highlight areas of improvement, set actionable goals, and provide best practices learned from working with more than 5,000 dental practices and DSOs.

Without this level of insight, both staff performance and patient experience tend to suffer. By instilling a culture of accountability and holding schedulers up to a high standard, comprehensive call tracking allows practices to attain the highest degree of transparency and translate that into increased appointments and patient loyalty. A recent case study conducted by Call Box revealed that a dental group in Florida increased its new patients booked by 50% in just five months using Call Box’s solutions. The practice continues to make strides toward growth, as it sets ongoing goals with the help of Call Box’s analytics.

In the Digital Era, maintaining mediocre caller experience simply won’t cut it if your practice is looking to grow, or even remain stable. Patients expect a seamless calling experience where their questions are knowledgeably answered by friendly agents and they are guided to an appointment. Comprehensive call tracking solutions, such as Call Box, provide the tools that enable you to leverage the phone and see continuous growth for your practice.

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