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Almost every dentist would love to find a new way to increase the revenue their practice generates while keeping additional overhead low. There are countless ways to tackle this challenge, including marketing to acquire new patients, shortening chair times, upgrading practice management software and more. However, many of these come with considerable time or financial investments. One of the quickest, most cost-effective opportunities for revenue growth is to offer additional services that patients can select while already in your chair. Whitening is an easy upgrade that most patients have either already experienced or are open to considering, and through the innovative VivaStyle whitening program by Ivoclar there is a completely new way for practices to offer this revenue driving service – with no extra work or chair time.

A Program for Practices, Products for Patients

The whitening trend is not slowing down. According to a report conducted by Grand View Research, the 2021 global teeth whitening market size was estimated at USD 6.9 billion which is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2022 to 2030. With the VivaStyle Whitening program, dentists can start to grow their whitening sales both inside and outside their practices, while offering a better, more convenient way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions. The VivaStyle Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening system is comprised of 3 solutions designed to meet dental patients’ preferences and lifestyles:

  • The VivaStyle LED Whitening System consists of a whitening pen paired with an LED light to give patients a fast, 15 minutes a day treatment with little to no sensitivity reported in clinical evaluations*.
  • VivaStyle Take Home Whitening System (Paste and Gel)- a unique 3-step process that activates, whitens, and conditions teeth for comprehensive and safe treatment with optimal results of up to 10 shades in 10 days*
  • VivaStyle Whitening Strips – a simplified 1-step solution for those patients on the go with a 91% clinical approval rating*

VivaStyle Whitening dental offices will have the ability to inventory professional whitening products to grow sales inside the practice, while also receiving additional tools and resources to help drive interest from existing and potential patients. Alternatively, the VivaStyle affiliate program allows practices to leverage a turnkey e-commerce platform to generate additional income from each purchase made by patients at their convenience.

Making the Sale 

With so many whitening choices available OTC (Over the Counter) to patients, a proactive approach with a little education will go a long way. Consider how whitening could work in tandem with your existing treatment offers, such as filling, veneers, or crowns. Remember, most patients are already familiar with teeth whitening, so your job is to explain why clinically proven, professional whitening is their best choice.

The front desk and hygienists are also the perfect people to have these conversations with your patients as they move through the touchpoints of your practice. When patients come in, encourage them to ask questions like “Do you feel confident with how your teeth looks now?” Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth? Are there any treatments you would be interested in learning more about?

Inquiring about the patient’s general life updates is another terrific way to learn about whitening opportunities. Upcoming weddings, birthdays, graduations, and even vacations inspire many people to want to look and feel their best. Offering whitening as it relates to an upcoming life event may increase the probability that a patient will want to take advantage of your offer, and the three VivaStyle choices allow you to make recommendations based on the timing needs of such events.

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* Dental Advisor Volume 39, Number 5, September-October 2022