Will Summit Partners’ New Executive, Greg Serrao, Invest in DSOs?

Greg Serrao, formerly of American Dental Partners, has joined Summit Partners.  Greg’s role as Executive-in-Residence at Summit will be to assist the healthcare and life sciences team in identifying investment opportunities within quality, growth-stage healthcare companies.  Greg and Summit founded American Dental Partners back in 1996.  Greg was also ADPI’s CEO from 1996 until 2015.  Prior to founding American Dental Partners, Greg worked in the medical space as the President of National Specialty Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Cardinal Health, Inc., and as Vice President of Corporate Development at Cardinal Health.


Currently, Summit has only invested in one dental group, DentalPro.  DentalPro, is based in Milan, Italy and currently has 44 dental clinics throughout Italy.  Summit also has a significant investment in SolutionReach, a patient management system provider with a large presence in the dental space.

With Greg’s experience at Summit and with American Dental Partners, will Summit once again invest in a DSO / dental group practice in North America?   GDN will keep you posted, so please subscribe here for free: http://goo.gl/qxGR13.

Source: Summit Partners