Largest DSO in the US expands again

Heartland Dental recently reached a milestone adding its 700th location.  Heartland Dental, headquartered in Effingham, IL, now has more offices than any other DSO in the United States.  Started by Dr. Richard Workman in 1997, Heartland has grown to become one of the premier dental support organizations in US.

In 1980 Dr. Workman opened his first practice in Effingham, IL , added the first associate dentist in ’82, extended his first partnership in ’92, and officially hired Patrick Bauer as COO in ’97.  Follow the entire Heartland Dental timeline HERE. Heartland Dental currently supports over 1,000 dentists and over 7,000 team members.

courtesy Heartland Dental

Dr. Workman’s first office.  Photo courtesy Heartland Dental


courtesy Heartland Dental

Heartland’s current headquarters.  Photo courtesy Heartland Dental



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Source : PR Web