How a Leading DSO is Centralizing Data

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Elite Dental Partners (EDP), founded in 2014, is a dental service organization with locations in 13 states. EDP’s affiliations in 2018 averaged nearly one acquisition each week, contributing to today’s 111 locations with more than 1,300 employees. With this strong push for growth came an equal focus on the development of infrastructure. We needed to streamline support functions and provide tools for operational teams in the field. To better serve our affiliated practices, Elite partnered with Ottawa, Canada-based Enterprise Dental Management Systems (EDMS) to build an analytical toolbox. This toolbox provides integration with various patient management systems (PMS), data warehousing, and reporting for measuring business performance.

Choosing a technology partner is a decision no DSO should take lightly. The right partner needs to be flexible enough to support the quickly changing needs of a growing organization. We needed a partner who would learn and grow with us, and the ability to adjust to our needs was paramount. When new reports, analytical tools, or integrations with third-party solutions are part of the evolving dental business landscape, capability and flexibility are key. Elite Dental Partners found EDMS as our solution to connect to the various brands of server-based PMS our affiliate locations were using. EDMS allows us to also integrate data from cloud-based systems and, most importantly, serve as our data bridge as we transition our offices to one single cloud-based PMS.

In a decentralized PMS model, the analysis of data is often a time-consuming and error-filled process, relying on the submission of reports from individual practice locations. When these responsibilities are pushed to the local practice, results are plagued with incorrect report parameters – requiring individual attention from support center staff to obtain a revision. With EDMS, Elite Dental Partners has been able to rely on an automated connection to each PMS, reporting data on a daily basis. The result has allowed the consolidation of different server-based and cloud-based PMS into one reporting tool, all using the same data points for consistency. This has greatly decreased the frustration of support staff, but even more importantly, it has freed up time for local practice operators to concentrate on patient care.

At the clinic level, we want to free our office managers’ time so they can continue to improve patient experience and increase efficiency at their respective locations. In the same way, we want to improve the efficiency and decision-making ability of our regional operators and support center staff. EDMS has allowed for direct insight into the data that matters most. This single-source-of-truth provides methods to monitor KPIs like appointment counts, reappointment rates, and case acceptance, but also provides a means of holding operators accountable to the management of those items.

For newer DSOs with a growing infrastructure and strategic IT plan, that have not built their own software programs, EDMS fills the need of a centralized platform for data warehousing and shared data. Elite Dental Partners has been reinvesting in technology to centralize and automate select support functions. Success in these areas has allowed for a shorter month-end close process and has freed time for other projects to help create value in other areas of the business.

Data brings insight, increased decision-making ability, and the development of special focus areas to provide customized support to specific locations. Efficiency brought to Elite Dental Partners through data has allowed for more specialized support tools, helping to power investigation into A/R and payor-related items, case acceptance, and re-care.

For Elite Dental Partners, these focus areas were not previously possible on a whole-company scope. The capture of historical/pre-affiliation practice data, as well as that from legacy servers and PMS that are not currently in use, provides a data landscape going back as far as the actual source data originates. The days of starting from scratch after affiliation, or referring to pre-affiliation documents to past performance are gone. We truly have all the data we need at our fingertips.

Currently, EDMS provides historical and current data from 3 different server-based PMS and 1 cloud-based system to bring all 111 locations together, but Elite Dental Partners is evaluating other areas to partner with EDMS to gain insight into other aspects of the business. With EDMS’s ability to connect with payroll, ERP, and other patient communication platforms, the facets available for insight into the business multiply. These additional advancements allow for metrics with wage and production factors, as well as automated provider-payment tools.

Elite Dental Partners is also evaluating EDMS’s new, truly enterprise-level dashboard system. With tiered user role customizations and views consumable on mobile or desktop machines, it puts the power of the data available in the hands of the users. The system promises adjustable goals and budgets for comparison with other metrics, as well as views for the practice, various operating groups, and executives.

Elite Dental Partners is proud to work with EDMS and is excited about the development of infrastructure realized, but also for how new tools will allow for new possibilities.

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