Increase Your DSO’s Revenue: #StaywithYourPatient for Same Day Treatment

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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC recommends a different practice workflow: “DHCP should limit clinical care to one patient at a time, whenever possible” and “minimize overlapping dental appointments.”

Now, there is an easy way to adhere to the CDC’s new guidelines and shift your dental group’s workflow while saving COSTS, saving TIME, improving PRODUCTION, enhancing PATIENT EXPERIENCE, and REDUCING the use of PPE.

Stay with your patient

With the innovation of the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System®, your dental group practice can provide a profound, fast-acting, chairside buffered anesthetic so dentists can stay with their patients.

Incorporating Anutra’s aesthetic protocol into a practice allows the team to condense the time for procedures, move hygiene patients right to treatment, and provides dentists more control over their schedule. Think about your patients and the fears they have right now.

Do you really want to ask them to schedule a follow up for something routine that was found during a cleaning? 

Will the patient come back for a filling?  

Why risk the revenue loss? 

Inject, Treat, Repeat.

Same day treatment

Dentists can take a hygiene patient who has a newly discovered cavity and fill it promptly, without having to schedule an additional 45-minute appointment which the patient may never come back for. This seamlessness in workflow is created because buffered anesthetic crosses the nerve membrane more readily than unbuffered anesthetic thus leading to most patients reaching pulpal anesthia in 2-3 minutes. Offices are seeing a reduction in treatment appointment times by 30-40% – which saves dentists approximately 1-2 hours per day.

The same day service provides the ultimate in convenience to everyone. Best of all, Anutra’s Local Anesthetic Delivery System® is cost-effective, consistent, and reliable.

“Anutra delivers more profound anesthesia, is less painful in delivering it, and allows you to do the kind of dentistry that you want to do. The future of dentistry is definitely focusing on the patient experience. Anutra affects our bottom line by affecting two things: patient satisfaction and efficiency.” -Michael Riccobene, DDS, Founder & CEO, Riccobene Associates

Watch how this customizable buffering anesthetic is being used in dental offices.  Learn how it will help your group be more profitable and provide better patient care:

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