Introducing Digital Dentistry to Your Practice Via Intraoral Scanning

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Why Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the umbrella term for products using digital or computer-aided components to dental technology to assist in dental procedures. These tools replace mechanical or electric tools that have traditionally been used in dentistry. Popular products in digital dentistry include CAD/CAM, Dental Lasers, and intraoral scanners. Each digital solution introduces its own benefits to a practice, but in general embracing digital workflows lead to the rapid delivery of comprehensive, accurate information to the practice. This allows practitioners to serve their customers quickly with improved quality of care and results.

The intraoral scanner (such as our own Intelliscan 3D) is a revolutionary device that captures a direct optical impression. Scanners can replace direct mold impressions in crown and bridge work, orthodontics, and removable partials, along with other potential uses. A dental professional will use this device to project a light source onto their desired area and capture images through onboard imaging sensors. Depending on the software associated with the intraoral model, the images captured by the intraoral scanner are processed into a 3D model of the mouth’s surface at some point after scanning. This versatile tool is a great entry point for practices to digital dentistry.


Specific Benefits of Intraoral Scanning

Due to their hi-tech features and a clever design, effective scanning devices offer many benefits for both patients and dental professionals.

  • Reduced Chair Time: Through the omission of tedious steps in traditional impressions, practices can reduce chair time to help treat more
  • Replicable Impressions: The dental 3D scanner software offers rich data processing functions for obtaining high-quality and accurate replicable digital dental
  • Types of Impressions: You can obtain impressions for a complete range of indications, including dental implants, clear aligners, crown and bridge restorations, and more.

Embracing Digital Dentistry

An additional benefit to digital dentistry is that dentists can take ownership of their entire process end-to-end with the investment in a 3D Printer. By taking control of their workflow, practices can save valuable time and costs by capturing the best digital impressions and creating numerous products to help improve their bottom line. While there are plethora of options for products, some of the easiest products to bring in-house for a dental office include:

  • Temporary Crowns: Improve productivity and quality of your dental practice by in-house scanning and printing of temporary crowns.
  • Surgical Guides: Eliminate human error with our 3D printing solutions for making accurate
  • Clear Aligners: If you are searching for Invisalign compatible digital dental scanning capabilities, you get efficient and accurate

By investing in Intraoral Scanners, practices will add all these benefits and more. Additionally, this is only the beginning, with solutions that predict cavities through use of lasers, allow for immediate viewing of x-rays, and live case design with patient consultation. Digital is no longer just the future of dentistry, it is increasingly the preferred method of many doctors, and practices who embrace this reality will see dramatic gains.

About Intelliscan 3D

Intelliscan 3D is the home of the first fully-functional intraoral scanner under $10,000. Led by dental professionals with experience throughout the dental field, Intelliscan 3D has one pure focus – to expand the reach of digital dentistry. What truly separates Intelliscan 3D from others in the market is its support teams focus on delivering superior results to our customers. Our team works with dental professionals to integrate solutions. Contact us at or 866-753-4092 to learn more today.

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