Introducing Software Created for the 21st Century

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More new patients.
More patient loyalty.
More profit for your DSO or dental group.

In today’s busy world, both dental office teams and their patients want a quick, user-friendly, and efficient experience. Now, DSOs and dental groups can say ‘goodbye’ to paper records, and ‘hello’ to a seamless and reliable digital experience using software created for the 21st Century.

  • Does your dental group use different software for patient reminders, billing, and scheduling?
  • Does your team deal with various billing companies, manage multiple credential logins, reach out to multiple contacts or support teams when they need help?
  • Do you want to offer a true, fully touchless experience for the safety of your patients and your team?
  • Do you want to effortlessly collect payments by giving patients the option to pay from their phone with just a few clicks?
  • Do you want to boost your online presence and grow your DSO with marketing campaigns, online scheduling, easy to use webchat, top-tier reputation management system and smart referrals?

Modento is the single solution for all of these tasks.

An all in one cloud-based software solution, Modento is the single software solution for the modern dental group and is built to support groups of all sizes, from small and emerging groups to the largest DSOs. A single login allows administrators to easily toggle between offices, providing easy to access information across many and all locations. Adding new offices is super simple because Modento can duplicate settings and best practices from existing offices.

Unifying processes and data is easy for this intuitive and cutting-edge software which is the brainchild of a dental consultant, renowned software product manager and a software architect. It installs on top of your existing practice management software and it automatically syncs data to patients’ charts.

Modento integrates with the three most popular PMS (OpenDental, Dentrix, and EagleSoft), allowing team members and executives to follow the same protocols regardless of the practice management software used by the office.

“Based on our research, dental offices can replace 4-6 different software products with Modento.” – Karol Jasik, Founder & CEO, Modento

The most typical functions that Modento can consolidate are patient communication, payments, digital forms, digital marketing, online review generation, treatment plan presentation, and coming soon, online scheduling and KPIs.

The user-friendly dashboard is a robust and effective tool to help your dental group communicate with, engage, and manage your patients. Two-way communication makes it a breeze to schedule appointments, answers question and fill last-minute openings.

Declutter the office and keep patient data safe with the ability to send consent forms, treatment plans, and insurance forms, which would normally be filled out in the office, directly to the patient through the desired delivery method. Office teams save time by accessing preloaded templates and consent forms which can be easily customized.

Offering a HIPAA compliant platform, all data is safely housed in one place and can be accessed remotely from any computer with unique login credentials. Users can rest easy knowing their data is always backed up and totally secure.

What your DSO can expect using Modento software:

  • Improve patient experience during scheduling and check-in with seamless 2-way communication
  • Automate your messages including Save the Dates, Appointment Reminders, Confirmations, Check-Ins, and Recall Reminders to free up time for your front office staff
  • Go paperless with electronic forms, paperwork, and signatures that sync with your Practice Management System
  • Engage patients through your mobile app and incentivize them with rewards through Modento’s loyalty program
  • Request payments with a few clicks on the dashboard and let patients pay in just a few seconds on their mobile
  • Boost your marketing efforts by easily, tactfully, and legally encouraging your patients to leave more social media reviews

With customer service at your team’s fingers, users can access the software’s support team in a chat directly within the platform. Real people respond in real-time.

Modento even has an app that allows patients to have more control and allows teams and dentists to reach out more effectively.

Patients love the Modento mobile app feature which allows them to make appointments, get visit reminders, send and receive messages, fill out paperwork, earn loyalty points, and redeem rewards for items like Amazon gift cards and teeth whitening products, etc.

Teams love the Modento Go app where they can check chat messages from patients, look at the schedules, and access patients’ contact details, etc.

One platform with features to
support the whole patient cycle:

Before the appointment

During the appointment

After the appointment


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