IPD’s Hands-On Training Helps DSOs Profit from Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Roger Sanger with students at a recent IPD Game Changers in Pediatric Dentistry course

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It’s often said, that children are the future, and that’s certainly true in the field of dentistry. Here are just a few powerful trends illustrating how treating children is one of the great opportunities facing dental practices, including DSOs and large group practices:

  • The caries rate has reached epidemic proportion in our children and teenagers.
  • Birth rates continue at over four million per year, with over 80% of these births being to millennial parents.
  • Dental benefits have increased dramatically to bring more children into dental practices, with all but 6% of children being insured by either government or private plans.
  • The pediatric dentistry specialty represents less than 5% of practicing dentists.
  • The demand for pediatric dentistry exceeds the supply in most U.S. cities and virtually all rural areas.


It’s a fact DSOs and large group practices are a big part of the future of dentistry. Unfortunately, most dentists graduate dental school with minimal training in caring for the restorative needs or dealing with the behavioral issues of children, and for many dentists the thought of dealing with pediatric patients is truly intimidating. For DSOs and large group practices treating children, it’s hard to find qualified clinicians who can provide quality dental care while also being efficient enough to meet production goals.


The Institute for Pediatric Dentistry (IPD) helps you shape the future for both your new and experienced dentists, and their staff, with comprehensive, interactive, hands-on training. IPD programs equip them to perform better, faster and easier pediatric dentistry. At IPD, attendees don’t just listen and watch; they roll up their sleeves and learn by doing, so they’re able to start using what they learn the minute they return to their practices.

 Only IPD offers:

  • Hands-on, interactive training courses in pediatric clinical skills and practice management that provide up to 20 hours of CE.
  • New dentist credentialing to ensure that your new associates are able to meet production goals while delivering excellent patient care.
  • Dental assistant and front office staff training that builds high-performing teams to make your practices sought-after by parents.
  • Ongoing peer-to-peer mentoring for IPD alumni to share and learn from fellow alumni and faculty.
  • Remediation services to elevate underperforming practices to enhanced profitability, while simultaneously improving the standard of care.
  • In-office consultation to hone your dentists’ clinical skills.


When? March 31-April 1, 2017

Where? UNLV SimLab in Las Vegas

Who? Pediatric dentists, GPs, and dental assistants

How much? Special prices available for DSOs and large group practices


 DSOs and large group practices are the future of dentistry

IPD can help you shape that future

Dr. Steven Wilson

As a leader in a DSO or large group practice, the demands on your time are constant. Developing and offering ongoing Continuing Education for your dentists and their staff that is relevant and capable of improving their skills and your bottom line is extremely challenging. Finding independent instruction by true master clinicians is difficult and time-consuming.

And the need for this kind of instruction will only grow, as more and more general practitioners are treating children, even though they received little hands-on training in pediatric dentistry in dental school.

When you partner with IPD, we solve these problems for you, whether it involves your incoming associates who have recently graduated from dental school or your more experienced dentists. Our focus is singular, our instruction is unsurpassed, and our faculty is unparalleled.

While we know that your number one priority is to provide the best possible outcomes for your patients, we also know improving efficiency allows you to offer care to more children. This is why the quality-enhancing and time-saving techniques IPD teaches are designed to be easily and quickly implemented once your dentists, dental assistants, and office staff return to their practices.

IPD is pleased to offer special discounts to dentists and dental assistants who work for DSOs and large group practices, and to invite interested members of the senior management team to attend a course as an Executive Guest in order to observe IPD’s acclaimed approach to pediatric dentistry education.

Dr. Ray Stewart

What IPD Alumni are saying:

“What I found when I went there was a plethora of information that really changed the way I practice. It made me more efficient and more confident. The course there was just fantastic, and I’m really glad I brought my staff.”  –Dr. Clyde Maxwell, Wilmington, DE – IPD alumnus

“This is the best pediatric dentistry course I have ever attended. It pays for itself within a few months.”  -Dr. Andrew Lee, Thorold, ON – IPD alumnus

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About the Author

Roger G. Sanger, DDS, MS has been a “wet fingered in the trenches pediatric dentist” for decades. He cofounded one of the largest private pediatric/orthodontic group practices in California with multiple offices and surgi-centers. He is a Founding Director of the Institute for Pediatric Dentistry. A frequent contributor to Dental Economics and other dental journals, he developed the concept of “Pedonomics” to highlight the economic benefit of pediatric dentistry in today’s dental practice. As Founding Director of the DOCS Education pediatric sedation curriculum, he is a leading authority on the advantages of pediatric oral sedation in reducing the need for multiple visits to treat the complex dental needs in children. Dr. Sanger is a consultant to MCNA, a leading dental insurance company, as well as private research firms specializing in innovative pediatric dental practice solutions.