Learn How to Leverage Hygiene to Drive Peak Performance

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As dental teams continue to adopt more traditional business systems and apply them to their operations within the dental practice, they’ve begun to shine more light on their hygiene department and its positive impact on the overall performance of the practice.

Did you know, a dental hygiene department will not only contribute approximately 30% to the practice revenues, but also drive the other 70% through restorative treatment advocacy? How would your emerging dental group or dental support organization be impacted if you immediately lost 30% of your revenue? What if the remaining 70% slowly dwindled away? These numbers may feel extreme, but they actually accurately reflect the impact your hygiene team has on the revenue of your practices.

In addition to providing excellent patient care through hygiene services, hygienists have the ability to partner with doctors, teams, and patients to gain acceptance of necessary restorative care.

The hygiene chair is also where the patient care journey is initiated, and hopefully, where a life-long relationship with the patient is established. When hygiene recall is strong, it yields a steady patient flow and feeds the doctor’s schedule, which benefits the practice as a whole.

What metrics could your group track to anticipate trends and changes in hygiene before they even happen? Proactive dental business owners should fully understand what hygiene metrics to measure, and how to influence those metrics to drive patient loyalty, patient retention and overall financial success of the practice.

Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium is proud to announce the Director of Dental Hygiene and Clinical Support Andrea Edelen, RDH, BS and the Director of Business Operations, Melissa Thomas, both of Mortenson Dental Partners, will join the annual event this August and do a deep dive into the topic of “Levering Hygiene to Drive Peak Performance.”

Andrea Edelsen

Melissa Thomas

The two experts will share key insights from hygiene performance that will have a big impact on your business as a whole. They will explore key performance indicators and how these data points tell the story of your hygiene department.

  • Is capacity an issue?
  • What is your patient experience?
  • What are your diagnosis skills or treatment presentation skills?

They will also discuss the hygiene metrics that matter and strategies for driving your team’s peak performance while providing an exceptional patient experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the connectivity and value of hygiene performance and overall performance!

Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium will be held at the Omni Hotel in Louisville, KY on August 21-23. The three-day event is an exciting way to study the best practices of group dentistry with experts in the field. Attendees will learn how to grow their group of dental practices from successful firsthand experiences.

Registration is now open.
Seating is limited so register today!


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