SOLD OUT! The 2019 DEO Fall Summit: Find out How to Access the Presentations

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The 2019 DEO Fall Summit:

How to Grow Through Practice Acquisitions and Startups

We have officially sold out of 2019 DEO Fall Summit Tickets. Click below to see how you can still get access to the presentations:

Click here to get access to the presentations!

Want to prepare your group dentistry practice for the future? The 2019 DEO Fall Summit Replays are just what you need! Purchase to:

  • Learn how to choose the scaling path that is right for you — acquisition or de novos
  • Learn from not only industry experts, but DSO/group-practice leaders who have forged this path before
  • Discover the many different acquisition/startup strategies for success
  • Best practices to accelerate the success of your acquisition/startup growth plan

What You’ll Receive

10+ hours of dynamic speaker presentations covering topics that will inform how you grow your group practice or DSO. Here are the speakers and presentations that will be included

(Subject to change): 

  • Stephen Thorne IV, founder, president, and CEO, Pacific Dental Services — “Lessons in Opening Hundreds of De Novo Locations”
  • Dee Fischer, CEO of Fischer Professional Group — “Integrating Culture into New Locations”
  • Dr. Samson Liu, CEO, owner and founder of SOHDental —”How to Go from 0 to 25+ Locations in One Year”
  • Steve Bilt, CEO of Smile Brands, and Dr. Alan Acierno, CEO and owner, DecisionOne Dental Partners — “Behind the Scenes: How Strategic Partnerships Will Change Dentistry​”
  • Jacob Berry, executive vice president of business development, MB2 Dental Solutions, and
  • Greg Wappett, director of corporate development, 42 North Dental — “How Large DSOs Evaluate Acquisitions”
  • Josey Sewell, integrator/COO, CarolinasDentist: “Implementing Your Growth Vision Into Reality”
  • Dr. Matthew Kathan, CEO, Timber Dental
  • Diwakar Sinha, partner, Tusk
  • Dr. Hisham Barakat, founder and CEO, Pyramid Dental Integration
  • Tarek Aly, co-founder and COO, OrthoDent Management, LLC
  • Jeremy Dixson, founder and CEO, The DSO Project

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on 10+ hours of needle-moving content that will help you build/expand your group practice and/or DSO.

Hurry — This offer only lasts until the start of November!

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