Maximizing Dental Group Practice Efficiencies While Minimizing Patient Discomfort

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The traditional means of local anesthesia has not kept up with other innovations occurring in the dental industry. In fact, just about everything has evolved in a dental office except the anesthetic protocol, which is alarming because your anesthetic protocol is used for almost every patient and every procedure. Now, there is a profound, fast-acting, and innovative anesthetic that saves DSO’s time, improves production, and enhances the patient experience.

“Anutra delivers more profound anesthesia, is less painful in delivering it, and allows you to do the kind of dentistry that you want to do. The future of dentistry is definitely focusing on the patient experience. Anutra affects our bottom line by affecting two things: patient satisfaction and efficiency.” -Michael Riccobene, DDS, Founder & CEO, Riccobene Associates

Buffering anesthetics have been used in medical facilities for over 50 years, and now with the innovation of the Anutra Medical Delivery System®, your dental group practice can provide buffered anesthetic chairside. Best of all, it is cost-effective, consistent, reliable and very easy to use.

Due to lidocaine’s low pH, it can take a while to numb a patient, costing both you and your patient time. Along with the additional time, the drug creates a burning sensation which detracts from a positive patient experience. To neutralize the acid causing this burning sensation and to expedite the effectiveness of the drug, healthcare providers discovered mixing it with a sodium bicarbonate (a neutral solution) would raise the pH to the body’s normal levels. This discovery is known as “buffering.”

Buffering can help to reduce the incidence of the burning pain that some patients feel after injection and elevates the depth of anesthesia, increasing the likelihood that patients will become numb after the first injection and allowing clinicians to use less anesthetic.

Since buffered anesthetic can cross the nerve membrane more readily than unbuffered ones, patients become numb very quickly so that the clinician can stay in the operatory and begin the procedure almost immediately. Using buffered anesthetic can save as much as 17-20 minutes per hour. Not only do the dentists and patient save significant time, but discomfort is minimized. Both impact and improve the patient experience. This combination is priceless.

This groundbreaking buffering system is a powerful tool which is truly innovative and redefining dentistry. Dentists no longer have to jump from patient to patient while waiting for the local anesthetic to activate. Anutra provides the ability to diagnose and treat restorative procedures you find in hygiene the same day. In addition to improved production, you generate more revenue while not getting behind on your schedule.

The protocol provides more control over your schedule. Dentists can take a hygiene patient who has a newly discovered cavity and fill it right then and there, without having to schedule an additional 45-minute appointment which the patient may never come back for. This seamlessness is created because once the Anutra block is delivered, in less than two minutes the patient will be numb, and dentists can pick up a handpiece and get to work on the filling.

“When patients know that the doctor employs a special anesthetic, it can only help to enhance the practice’s reputation, and that’s important.” – Dean E. Kois, DMD, MSD, Kois Center

Anutra is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients. With Anutra Dispenser®, Cassette®, and Syringe®, dental group practitioners are able to increase productivity and enhance patient experience.

The Benefits of Buffering

Predictability: Buffering can elevate the depth of anesthesia, increasing the likelihood of patients getting numb the first time. It allows dental professionals to give multiple injections without having to reload the cartridge or risk wasting premixed anesthetic. When using this buffering system, 64% of appointments were at least 15 minutes shorter than scheduled.

Efficiency: Buffered anesthetics can cross the nerve membrane more readily, allowing a patient to become numb quickly. When using this buffering system, 16.7 minutes is the average time saved per appointment (saves 2 hours per day.)

Reduced Pain: Mixing anesthetic with sodium bicarbonate creates a bi-product of CO2, which by itself contains the ability to create a numbing effect. A single injection is often sufficient, but when subsequent injections are required, the fast-acting buffered anesthetic is already working and patients don’t feel multiple injections. When using this buffering system, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being no pain and 10 being extreme pain, patients rate their pain experience 1.81 out of 10.

For more information, visit Anutra Medical or email and ask for a free no obligation trial implementing Anutra in a test office.

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