Maximizing Potential: Leveraging Membership Plans to Drive Organic Expansion

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The economic landscape has been challenging, characterized by rising costs and tightening capital. For DSOs, it’s essential to adopt a sustainable growth strategy that goes beyond increasing the number of practices via new office openings and/or acquisitions.

When considering organic growth, it may appear as a slow and gradual process, requiring a significant amount of time to see tangible results. Offering in-office membership plans effectively can be one of the best solutions to combat these challenges. Here are some key reasons why:

1. Stability in Revenue

Membership plans provide a stable and consistent source of revenue for DSOs. Unlike one-time transactions, membership fees are recurring, offering a predictable income stream that can help mitigate the impact of economic variations. This stability allows DSOs to better plan budget, allocate resources, and invest in growth initiatives with confidence. It establishes a strong foundation for DSOs to expand into new markets, knowing they have a reliable baseline of revenue.

2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Membership plans offer an effective way for DSOs to cultivate long-term relationships with patients. As you surely have experienced, re-engaging patients who have canceled appointments and/or not returned for services in a long time can present substantial challenges in filling capacity. Despite numerous reminders via emails or texts, they might not return for years or decide to go to another dental office. With up-front payments for membership plans, DSOs can mitigate the risk of lost revenue due to appointment cancellation while also boosting patients’ motivation to get treatments within specific timeframes as needed. By providing exclusive benefits and access to affordable dental care through membership plans, DSOs can not only increase patient retention but also encourage patients to advocate for the brand and refer new patients, further expanding your customer base.

3. Competitive Advantage

Offering customized membership plans tailored to the specific needs of their patient base can give DSOs a competitive edge in the market. In today’s competitive landscape, patients are increasingly seeking value beyond regular dental services. By providing comprehensive membership plans with true “value-adds,” DSOs can effectively differentiate themselves from competitors and attract new customers.

4. End-to-End Management Solutions

When offering membership plans, DSOs don’t have to manage them through a completely new in-house system, which can be both time and resource consuming. Membership plan software solutions are available, allowing DSOs to manage memberships effortlessly without the need for extensive additional efforts, aside from customizing offerings and selling them to patients. It’s crucial to consider efficient management solutions that streamline the implementation process and maximize results.

Bento, the dental membership plan platform endorsed by the ADA, offers DSOs a seamless experience from enrollment to marketing, allowing your organization to launch membership plans within days. With unmatched flexibility in plan customization for both dental services and products, Bento tailors to your patients’ needs. Bento’s hands-on marketing support from the onset of plan implementation minimizes the time for your organization to start profiting. Bento stands out as the only platform utilizing an app to streamline the patient experience. With Bento’s award-winning app, patients can self-enroll and manage their plans conveniently, anywhere, anytime, ensuring rapid results for your organization.

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