Michael Bileca Officially Becomes President of the ADSO

If you are a frequent reader of Group Dentistry Now you already know that Michael Bileca of Dental Care Alliance stepped up to both President and Executive Director roles for the ADSO – [Original Story HERE].  Officially Bileca took over the roles on June 1st.  Bileca replaces Dr. Quinn Dufurrena as Executive Director who is now the CEO and President of Avitus Dental in Denver, CO.  He also replaces Steve Thorne of Pacific Dental who most recently served as President of the ADSO.

The original story had Bileca coming in as the President and the Executive Director, while the latest announcement (see below) states that he will be the interim Executive Director. This leaves the door open for possibly another Executive Director for the ADSO.

Here is the official announcement from the ADSO ……

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) is pleased to announce Michael Bileca of Dental Care Alliance as the new President of the ADSO effective June 1.  He will also be serving as the interim Executive Director. Outgoing President, Steve E. Thorne, IV, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Dental Services has served as the ADSO President during the past year and will continue to serve on the Executive Committee.

Currently an executive at Dental Care Alliance, Mr. Bileca is former President and Founder of Towncare Dental Partnership, Inc., which was merged with Dental Care Alliance in 2013.  In addition, Mr. Bileca was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2010.

“I am honored to be named President of the ADSO and to work with such a committed group of professionals who care so deeply about the future of this industry,” said Bileca. “I also want to thank Steve Thorne for his leadership and commitment to the association.  He has made significant and lasting contributions as President and as a founding member of the largest association of dental support organizations in the country.”

“It has been a privilege to serve as President of ADSO this past year and to be part of the tremendous growth we have seen in this industry,” said Steve E. Thorne, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Dental Services. “Mike Bileca has been a great leader in the industry while continuing to devote so much of his time to public service.  I am confident and excited about the association moving forward under his leadership. I look forward to working with Mike and continuing to serve on the Executive Committee.”

Source: The ADSO