Multiple Offices, One Cloud Platform: Recession-Proof your Group with a Membership Plan

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Kleer’s building smart software to help practices make smarter decisions in uncertain times

An inflationary surge adds a layer of haze that often obscures decisions and encourages organizations to focus on cost-cutting initiatives to alleviate the initial blow. While reducing staff, cutting down on advertising, or eliminating vendors may feel like the right decision, these strategies are often short-sighted. At the same time, the current economic environment is causing fee-for-service patients to cancel appointments and delay treatment, with cost barriers adversely affecting how these patients access care.

Throughout history, recessions have been a driving force behind innovation. Whether you operate an emerging group practice or Dental Services Organization (DSO), scaling your business during a market downturn can help your practice survive and thrive in uncertain times.

Instead of making cuts, savvy dental leaders are looking to membership platforms like Kleer to provide an end-to-end solution that creates both uniformity and a highly customized solution for both practice and patients alike. Here are four major benefits to having a Kleer-powered membership plan for your organization:

A stronger coverage foundation

Your success comes from your ability to make decisions about the two most important aspects of providing dental care: how your patients access and afford care and what treatments they need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most dental practices have a weak coverage foundation. They participate with many PPOs and discount plans that are unprofitable, complicated, and slow in raising their fees to adequately compensate providers. Additionally, the complexity and cost of traditional insurance create barriers for patients seeking care.

Your patients are your #1 priority, and membership plans help maximize their potential to add value to your organization. As layoffs loom, removing barriers to care encourages patients to prioritize their oral health. In fact, membership plan patients visit more often, accept more treatment, and increase production at a rate 2-3X higher when compared to uninsured patients.

A patient’s commitment to care is reinforced by their subscription. Membership plans help practices survive the ups and downs of the economy by providing a dependable source of recurring revenue that is not subject to the whims or regulations of third parties. The ability to offer an alternative coverage option helps to get out from under the control of conventional coverage and increase control over your business.

See results faster with enterprise-wide implementation

We know that demographics and treatment needs can vary between practice locations, so a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t much of a solution. It’s not uncommon for group practices and DSOs to place the responsibility of implementing a membership plan on the individual offices. While this might seem like a best practice, it tends to create confusion, leading to disjointed management and varied success metrics at the organizational level.

When implementing a membership plan, the goal is to save time and avoid the hassles of doing it alone, with the assurance of speed and certainty to propel your business forward. When executed effectively, your membership platform should provide standardization and cohesion at the office, regional, and enterprise levels to support your goals. Whether that means going fully FFS, achieving greater treatment acceptance, or cultivating a more modern unified patient experience, the choice is yours.

Make the most of your time and resources

For a membership plan to benefit your practice it must create greater efficiencies, both at the office-level and throughout the organization. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to automate many processes that can be time-consuming, lower priority tasks for office administrators.

With a cloud-based solution and reliable support, you can quickly and easily enroll patients, automate payments and plan renewals, troubleshoot issues, and take the burden of these administrative tasks off of your employees.

Plus, membership plans are not bound to the same rules as insurance. There are no accounts receivable, preapprovals, annual maximums, or enrollment periods, allowing your practice to avoid insurance hassles that slow productivity and negatively impact how you get paid.

Maintain federal and state compliance

Of course, one of the primary considerations when implementing any new technology for your group is whether it is secure and meets regulatory standards. It’s critical to shield your business from potential liabilities and minimize risk, especially during pivotal economic times. Having a platform that maintains compliance across state and federal regulations not only secures the longevity of your membership plan, but also ensures that your compliance needs are monitored and updated accordingly.

The future is Kleer

Kleer is quickly becoming the industry-leading solution for dental groups and DSOs.

Our smart, seamless software solution is designed to empower autonomy — giving you the freedom to make the most important decisions for yourself, your practice, and your patients without interference. For today’s dental leaders, it’s time to consider how a dental membership plan can become a strategic asset to embolden your future and boost your bottom line.

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