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Learn more about the five key elements of
choosing the right practice management
system for your group practice or DSO.

Growing your group practice or DSO—whether you’re expanding from one to 20 locations or already have hundreds—requires navigating skillfully along a path that is filled with a host of options and decisions.  As you make the choices that will define your organization, selecting a practice management system that offers centralized control may not be the first thing you think of, but it is the foundation upon which you build your group practice or DSO’s growth and success.

Why choose a centralized practice management solution?

The bigger your group practice or DSO becomes, the more important it is for your practice management software to centralize operations and processes across locations. With software that centralizes data and standardizes operations and workflows, you can accelerate your growth and profitability plans.

As you consider the right practice management software for your group practice or DSO, you should keep in mind the following five considerations:

  1. The right solution helps you be more profitable.
  2. The right solution supports your staff through greater efficiency.
  3. The right solution facilitates consistent patient care.
  4. The right solution enhances communication.
  5. The right solution leverages the expertise and commitment of a trusted software partner.

#1: Increase profitability

Centralized practice management software solutions should provide comprehensive business analytics and reports that aggregate data across locations. These solutions allow you to see the overall health of the organization, revenue of a practice and how each doctor is performing at each practice. With these analytics, you can run detailed reports that provide group management with better insight into the entire organization.

#2. Support staff through greater efficiency

The right solution will allow your staff to be productive on day one. Natural, easy-to-use interfaces reduce both errors and the amount of time spent on double entries. And with integrated workflows across processes, your centralized practice management software can help create a seamless work experience for your staff, which helps your practice become more efficient.

#3. Facilitate patient care

Centralizing your practice management software helps you create consistency across all locations by sharing charts and other records. This consistency makes your patient’s experience more streamlined and seamless, since they do not have to fill out paperwork or have their insurance re-verified each time they visit a new practice location. A consistent solution also means less error on patient charts, leading to a more satisfied and better-served patient.

#4. Enhance communication

An efficient solution will allow your staff to easily share comprehensive data between doctors and locations, improving communication and saving countless hours of data input. Communication when training a new employee is easier with a centralized management solution because it allows you to create training videos and documents to ensure a new employee’s transition into your practice goes as smoothly as possible.

#5. Leverage a trusted partner

Not all practice management software solutions are created equal, and neither are the companies that support them. For more than 25 years, Henry Schein One has delivered quality, innovative dental practice management solutions, all backed by the Henry Schein promise of quality customer service. As an expert partner and leader in the dental industry for many years, Henry Schein One understands the issues practices face, and they know how to help you grow and succeed.

Henry Schein One offers two exceptional centralized solutions: cloud-based Dentrix Ascend; and customizable, server-based Dentrix Enterprise. Both solutions help your group practice or DSO boost efficiency, consistency and communication. Take control of your group practice or DSO’s growth with one of these distinguished solutions. Learn more about Dentrix Ascend and Dentrix Enterprise below.

Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based practice management software system. With Dentrix Ascend, multiple doctors can sign charts, look at X-rays during emergency calls and consult with each other all in real-time – from any location.

Eric Layton, DMD, MBA is a founder and managing partner of Trident General Dentistry, a practice that boasts five locations. His organization utilizes Dentrix Ascend.

“From a leadership perspective in our group practice, Dentrix Ascend and the Customer Success Program have saved our group in multiple ways. We have peace of mind knowing we’re doing things the right way, and when we need help, we can get it quickly” says Dr. Layton.1

Dentrix Ascend is the perfect balance of control and flexibility as you grow your practice. With Dentrix Ascend, you can pay by the month to maximize cash flow and minimize upfront costs. This flexible payment option allows you to grow at your own pace, adding offices with minimal installation costs and no server purchase required. Dentrix Ascend does not require a network server at each practice location, so you are not limited by the inconvenience or added expense of additional equipment.

“Cloud-based software allowed our practice to expand quickly. Being able to hire a new doctor who can be up and running on day one without having to install another desktop — which we didn’t have space for — was huge” says Dr. Layton.

Dentrix Ascend also improves your organization’s re-care efforts by targeting patients that are not already in your re-care system, contacting them, adding them to the system and scheduling re-care dates. Dentrix Ascend also allows you to create customized appointment reminders and provide online booking for your patients.

Dentrix Enterprise is enterprise-scaled software used by some of the largest dental organizations in the world, as well as small to medium multi-site practices. Dentrix Enterprise is a premier server-based practice management software solution, and works with more than 40 medical software solutions, making the transition to a centralized system seamless. With a customizable server-based system, Dentrix Enterprise works more efficiently by managing information from every one of your practices in an efficient and accurate database.

Hillary Smedley is Vice President of Operations for Genesis Dental & Orthodontics, where she oversees the operations of over a dozen entities within the organization. Her organization uses Dentrix Enterprise.

“We’re able to attract better candidates because they know we have the resources to support them if they need it. It can be easy for team members to feel disconnected, especially in a multi-practice organization. But because we help facilitate every patient’s dental care with the tools Dentrix Enterprise offers, we avoid that feeling” says Smedley.2

Dentrix Enterprise prioritizes productivity and accessibility by providing familiar workflows that work intuitively. This solution allows you to standardize your front and back-office operations, including accounting and clinical procedures, for a more efficient office with fewer errors. As a result of this standardization, patients will be tracked across all locations and receive more streamlined services. Standard operations and procedures make it easy to add offices with a common setup. Dentrix Enterprise also includes fully centralized operations, such as call center integration.

Dentrix Enterprise can help you achieve your financial goals by providing features such as line-item accounting, suspended credits and options for integrated credit card processing. These features help you gain efficiencies in insurance claims, payments, revenue generation, insurance eligibility and copay-collection processes.

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