Oral Surgery Specialty DSO Offers Scalable Solution in Highly Competitive Healthcare Landscape

According to the ADA’s Health Policy Institute, the percentage of oral surgeons considering themselves to be not busy enough is higher than any other dental specialty, with an average new patient wait time of 5.8 days, as opposed to a new patient wait time of 9.8 days for an endodontist. Increasing patient volume is important to survive and thrive for many of the approximately 7,500 oral surgeons practicing in the U.S., 94% of whom operate independently.

As other dental specialties add overlapping services driving increased competition, a newly formed oral surgery DSO is trying to provide a competitive advantage and scalable solutions which are needed to outpace market uncertainty, while also offering additional revenue opportunities.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) is a brand new specialty management services company which partners with oral and maxillofacial surgeons throughout the United States to offer a solution in a healthcare landscape which has becomes more competitive, with increased regulatory complexities. USOSM intends to preserve clinical autonomy while providing operational, marketing and administrative support services, as well as reinvestment resources and equity ownership.

The Thurston Group and RiverGlade Capital formed USOSM in late 2017. The Thurston Group also has an investment in Smiles Dental, a dental support organization in the Pacific Northwest.

In July 2018, USOSM secured partnerships with two multi-surgeon practices in Texas: Austin Oral Surgery, which has 13 board-certified, maxillofacial surgeons and 12 locations throughout Central Texas; and Oral Surgery Associates of North Texas (OSANT), which has five board-certified, oral surgeons and five locations in Dallas, Texas.

In early August, 2018, USOSM formed a  partnership with High Plains Oral and Facial Surgeons, which has locations in Amarillo and Pampa, Texas.

Just recently, USOSM completed its executive management team, which is comprised of nine business leaders, with the addition of Richard Hall. (See complete executive management team list below.)

To ensure good patient outcomes guide their decision making, USOSM requires surgeon representation in their governance through active participation on their Clinical Governance Board. The Clinical Governance Board provides a voice in the management of a broad range of network activities including, clinical quality standards, compliance assessments, and professional development through continuing education programs and study clubs.

The USOSM executive team:

The six oral surgery groups USOSM is currently managing:

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