Overjet Receives a Landmark FDA Approval for Its Game-Changing Dental AI Solution

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Overjet Receives FDA Approval for Caries Assist

Overjet, the leader in dental artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for payers and providers, recently received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its Caries Assist software, making it the first and only dental AI company with FDA-cleared technology for bone-level measurement of dental caries and periodontal disease. Overjet is a pioneer in the oral health care industry with its second FDA clearance, rapidly expanding partnerships and AI innovation recognized by Forbes. 

Overjet first received FDA clearance in 2021 for Dental Assist™, an AI software that supports radiographic measurements of bone levels to better diagnose and treat periodontal disease. Its automated measurement capability matches that of highly skilled dentists, with clinical tests showing a difference of only 0.3 mm against dentists’ measurements.

In addition, the software provides clear visualizations proven to increase patient case acceptance through heightened communication. “The way it highlights decay is much more intuitive than boxing it out that you might see in other solutions,” said Dr. Eric Tobler, national clinical director of Mortenson Dental Partners. “It is one more way our patients can feel confident in the accuracy of the treatment plans our clinicians are providing to them.”

“Improving our level of care through more accurate and early diagnoses,” added Dr. Tobler, “is the number one opportunity that Overjet provides for our company. Our clinicians are loving it.”

“Overjet Is Leading a Machine Learning Revolution”

Every day, Overjet’s dental AI software is in use by some of the largest dental groups to enable better clinical decision-making, streamline the diagnostic workflow, create better doctor-patient communication and improve patient outcomes. 

As a result, Overjet has landed partnerships with Dental Care Alliance, Seattle Study Club, Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics and Benco Dental, the nation’s largest independent distributor of oral health care tech and supplies. 

“Overjet is leading a machine learning revolution,” said Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental’s managing director. “In the simplest terms, [it] liberates [dentists] from the considerable workflow inefficiencies and clinical disadvantages of being their own radiologists.”

Overjet’s FDA-cleared Dental Assist and Claim Intelligence Platforms already cover more than 75 million Americans through dental groups and insurance companies. Its growing list of partnerships and increasing access to expansive distribution networks mean Overjet will only continue to accelerate what Overjet CEO and co-founder Dr. Wardah Inam calls “the AI-driven digital transformation of dental care.”

Overjet is recognized as the industry standard of care because of its leadership in pioneering transformational patient-centric dental AI technologies. In May 2022, Overjet was named to the Forbes AI 50 list of North America’s Top AI Companies Shaping the Future, in acknowledgment of Overjet’s incredible commercial traction and use of AI in truly transformative and measurable ways. Overjet’s debut marks the first time a dental company has ever been featured on the prestigious annual Forbes AI 50 list.

Addressing Tooth Decay With AI

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, periodontal disease and dental caries (cavities and tooth decay) are two of the biggest threats to dental health. Tooth decay remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable, greatly reducing the quality of life of 2.3 billion people worldwide. In addition, oral health and overall health are inextricably linked. According to a new Delta Dental study, gum disease has a close link to heart disease, diabetes, lung illness and dementia, among other serious health issues.

Overjet’s revolutionary AI platform is a product of extensive research and development and years of computational dentistry. It combines millions of data points to detect, quantify and visualize bone loss, caries and decay, improving a dentist’s diagnostic precision and accuracy. With Caries Assist now joining Dental Assist as an FDA-approved service offering, Overjet is making a milestone step for evidence-based treatment and patient acceptance of oral diseases that affect billions.

Caries Assist bolsters Overjet’s FDA-approved service offering with AI-powered dental caries detection and outlining software. This software as a medical device product applies AI in real time to aid dental professionals in the detection and outline of dental caries on bitewing radiographs.

AI-supported diagnosis and treatment planning help dentists produce a better patient experience. Using more data points than traditional X-rays, it quantifies key findings that make it an invaluable diagnostic tool for dentists and a vehicle for better patient communication. In a controlled study, Caries Assist improved dentists’ average caries detection sensitivity by more than 18%. 

“This FDA clearance further validates the breadth of our AI platform,” noted Dr. Terri Dolan, chief dental officer of Overjet. The platform goes “beyond specific AI algorithms to act as a chairside software as a medical device for dental practices around the country.”

Dr. Inam and experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard School of Dental Medicine founded Overjet in 2018 with a mission to create a future oral health care industry marked by efficiency, precision and patient-centered care.

“With this landmark clearance, we are spearheading the transformation with innovative solutions for an industry that collectively wants better patient outcomes,” Dr. Inam said. Acclaimed by stakeholders throughout the oral health care industry, recognized by top AI experts and setting records for FDA approval, Overjet is well on its way to fulfilling that vision.

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