Pacific Dental Services Reaches Milestone While Shattering Perception

There is a misconception in the industry that DSOs and large groups use the cheapest products possible in order to save money and increase the bottom line.  Yes, the bottom line is important to DSOs, but the bottom line is important to solo dentists as well.  Most important, however, are patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.  The marriage of Pacific Dental Services and Sirona’s CEREC CAD/CAM milling units bring efficiency, cost savings, patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes to this dental support organization’s 400 plus offices.

Pacific Dental Services , headquartered in Irvine , CA reached a milestone of 1 Million CEREC restorations completed.  “PDS-supported dentists have always been at the forefront of the migration to modern dentistry and with this unprecedented achievement of completing one million in-office restorations, they are now leading the transition,” said Stephen Thorne, founder, president and CEO of Pacific Dental Services.  “The CAD/CAM dental technology allows clinicians to have the ability to produce restorations in a single visit, delivering on the supported dentists’ drive for clinical excellence and providing the highest level of patient care.”

Patterson Dental is the exclusive US distributor of Sirona products including CEREC CAD/CAM technology.

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